Naomi Duguid

Naomi Duguid
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Naomi is now working on a cookbook that explores the Persian culinary world, from Kurdistan and Iran to Georgia and Armenia, to be published in 2016. Her travels have already taken her to Georgia, Iran, and Kurdistan, to photograph, eat, and connect with people.

Naomi Duguid
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Rough Puff

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Naomi Duguid, traveler, writer, photographer, is often described as a culinary anthropologist. Her most recent book, Burma: Rivers of Flavor, published in 2012, won an award for best book of food and travel from the International Association of Culinary Professionals IACP).        


She is the co-author of six award-winning books of food and travel. In stories, recipes, and photographs, the books explore daily home-cooked foods in their cultural context.


They include Hot Sour Salty Sweet: A Culinary Journey Through South-East Asia; Seductions of Rice; Flatbreads and Flavors; Mangoes and Curry Leaves; Home Baking; and Beyond the Great Wall: Recipes and Stories from the Other China.


Naomi is a contributing editor for Saveur magazine and her work frequently appears in Lucky Peach. She was the subject of an award-winning one-hour documentary film by Jacques Menard, The Recipe Diaries and was part of the PBS series Baking with Julia. She contributed to the book of the same name.


She leads intensive cultural-immersion-through-food sessions in northern Thailand each winter as well as food-focussed tours to Burma. For more, go to and

Latest Recipes

Tart-Sweet Chile-Garlic Sauce (Nga Yoke Thee Achin)

A standard hot sauce on tables in Burma, this condiment for every occasion is hot, tart with vinegar, and a little sweet. If possible, ma...

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Simplest Apple Pie

We love this apple pie. Not only is it the simplest version of apple pie we know, just one step from a crumble, but every time we make it...

(1 Votes)

Rough Puff

Before we tried our hand at it, puff pastry was one of those mysteries that intimidated us. But, like other areas of baking, it soon gene...

(1 Votes)

Teresa’s Coconut Custard Tarts

I first saw these delicate-looking tartlets in Soajo, Portugal, in Teresa’s shop. The shells were made of puff pastry and, on top of the ...

(1 Votes)

Middle Eastern Pizzas with Lamb and Pine Nuts

Versions of these yeasted rounds topped with savory lamb are found from Lake Van in eastern Turkey to Aleppo (in Syria) and Jerusalem. So...

(1 Votes)

Golden Mixed-Greens Pies

This pretty free-form pie is an example of improvising to make something useful out of a mistake. We were trying to make a brioche dough ...

(1 Votes)

Banana-Coconut Bread for Pam

Our friend Pam had just delivered her baby, Ethan. She’d had an anxious pregnancy and was tired, as well as relieved to be home safely wi...

(1 Votes)

Baker’s Sign Pretzels

The traditional sign of the baker in Germany and Austria is a pretzel (pretsel in German); bakeries all hang a large pretzel sign out ove...

(1 Votes)

Russian Apple Pancakes

Yeasted pancakes, like sourdough pancakes, have a moist texture and an airiness that we love. These are apple pancakes with a difference,...

(1 Votes)

Buckwheat Crepes

Buckwheat crepes are originally from Brittany and parts of Normandy. Buckwheat is called blé noir in Brittany, and sarrasin in the rest o...

(1 Votes)

Savory Bangkok Waffles with Dipping Sauce

In the bread museum in Ulm, in southern Germany, there are decorated cast-iron waffle irons that date back to the sixteenth century. Waff...

(1 Votes)

Smoky Napa Stir-Fry

Another light take on green vegetables. The oyster sauce, available in Asian grocery stores and well-stocked groceries, gives a smoky und...

(1 Votes)

Shrimp Curry

Tomato is a classic foil for shrimp. Here the combination makes an appealing curry with plenty of sauce for drizzling on rice. Pair it wi...

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