Michele Scicolone

Michele Scicolone
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Michele fell in love with Italy on her honeymoon, when Charles was studying for his doctorate degree in sixth-century Byzantine-Sicilian relations. The couple has returned to Italy countless times since.

Michele Scicolone
Michele's Featured Recipe
Balsamic-Glazed Short Ribs

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Michele Scicolone, a cookbook author and writer who specializes in food, wine and travel, has written over 20 cookbooks. She is the author of The Italian Vegetable CookbookThe Italian Slow CookerThe French Slow Cooker, The Mediterranean Slow Cooker, and the New York Times-bestselling Sopranos Family Cookbook. Her 1000 Italian Recipes and A Fresh Taste of Italy were nominated for James Beard and International Association of Culinary Professionals Awards.


Michele wrote several books for Williams Sonoma including Savoring Italy, Essentials of Italian Cooking, and Mastering Pasta. In 2005-6, she represented Williams-Sonoma’s Mastering cookbook series on a 10-city tour, giving television and radio interviews, cooking classes, demonstrations, and book signings.


Michele’s articles have appeared in Bon Appetit, The Wine Spectator, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Wine Spectator, The New York Times, Gourmet, Food Arts, and many other publications. Television appearances include Emeril Live, The CBS Morning Show, Good Morning America, and Cooking Live, as well as many local television and radio programs. She has served as a judge for both the Julia Child and James Beard Foundation Book Awards.


She teaches cooking at schools around the country including De Gustibus at Macy’s, Sur La Table, The Institute for Culinary Education, and Ramekins. She has  been a spokesperson for Italian Trade Commission and has lectured on Italian culture and cuisine at The Smithsonian Institute, Hofstra, and Henderson State Universities.


Michele lives in New York with her husband Charles an Italian wine and pizza authority. To find out more about classes, lectures and travel opportunities, visit Michele's website:


Latest Recipes

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Looking for a fast and easy dessert sure to impress your guests? This chocolate truffle cake looks like you spent days preparing it. It also has an adult twist to it, with the suggestion of including rum or coffee as an ingredient and will raise the bar of taste and sweetness for those coffee and rum lovers. This is also a project for your slow cooker, where the cake gently rises into a lovely circular treat. A scoop of vanilla ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream may also be a nice pairing for this delicious dessert that will send any chocolate lover on a trip straight to the moon and back.

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Béchamel Sauce

This basic white sauce is usually combined with cheese and used on baked pasta or vegetables. The recipe can easily be halved.

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Balsamic-Glazed Short Ribs

If you love short ribs you will be thrilled to try this easy slow cooker short ribs recipe for a casual dinner or gathering. Balsamic-Glazed Short Ribs will be juicy and tender and practically melt in your mouth with your very first bite. Your slow cooker short ribs will simmer in your slow cooker in wine and vinegar and will become incredibly tender during the 8 hours of cooking time. The balsamic vinegar will add a rich dark color to your sweet tasting dish. This is a very easy dish if you need to build a menu around something we know your guests will be excited to eat.

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Chunky Pork Shoulder Ragu

The pork shoulder roast practically melts into this flavorful sauce. A hearty pasta like rigatoni is the perfect choice, and the ragu is ...

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Tomato Bruschetta

Toasted country bread topped with tomatoes has become so popular it is almost a cliché. But when it is made properly with good, chewy br...

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Marinara Sauce

Garlic gives this southern Italian–style quick-cooking sauce its characteristic flavor. Neapolitans lightly crush the cloves with the si...

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Fresh Tomato Sauce 

This sauce is unusual because it does not begin with the usual onion or garlic cooked in olive oil or butter. Instead, the aromatics are...

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Fresh Egg Pasta 

Here is a basic all-purpose pasta dough that I use for fettuccine, lasagne, and ravioli. The dough can be assembled by hand, in a food p...

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Fettuccine with Butter and Cheese 

In the early 1910s Alfredo Di Lelio, whose family owned a trattoria in Rome, created this rich pasta dish of fresh fettuccine, butter, a...

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Fettuccine with Spring Vegetables

This recipe was reportedly invented at Le Cirque Restaurant in New York. Though it has never been on the menu there, regular patrons kno...

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Green Lasagne 

Green lasagne noodles are layered with ham, mushrooms, tomatoes, and béchamel sauce. To make this meatless, just eliminate the ham.

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Saffron Risotto, Milan Style

Golden risotto flavored with saffron is the classic Milanese accompaniment to Osso Buco (see Veal Shanks, Milan Style). Adding marrow sco...

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Chicken Broth 

An old chicken, known as a fowl, gives broth a fuller, richer flavor than a younger bird. If you can’t find a fowl, try adding turkey wi...

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Meat Broth

Here is a basic broth made from different kinds of meat to use for soups, risotti, and stews. A good broth should be full of flavor but n...

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Onion and Arugula Frittata

One day, an old friend of my mother’s from Palermo in Sicily came to visit. We knew her as Zia Millie, though she was not really an aunt...

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Batter-Fried Shrimp and Calamari 

Wherever you find seafood in Italy, you will find cooks frying it in a crispy batter. This batter is made with eggs and yeast, which giv...

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Chicken with Lemon and White Wine

Scarpariello means “shoemaker’s style,” and there are many theories about how the name for this recipe came about. Some say little bits ...

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Chicken in the Style of the Hunter’s Wife 

I think I could write a whole book of chicken recipes called alla cacciatora. One explanation for the name is that chicken, until the la...

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Stuffed Beef Rolls in Tomato Sauce 

Thin slices of beef round are perfect for braciole—commonly pronounced brazholl—a flavorful, slow-cooked favorite. Look for large slices...

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Meatballs, Bologna Style

This recipe is my adaptation of a dish at Trattoria Gigina in Bologna. Though it is as homespun as any meatball recipe, the mortadella i...

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Veal Shanks, Milan Style 

In Milan, osso buco is a classic and beloved dish. Tender slices of braised veal shanks are served sprinkled with very finely chopped gar...

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Marinated Artichokes 

These artichokes are excellent in salads, with cold cuts, or as part of an antipasto assortment. The artichokes will last at least two w...

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Eggplant Parmigiana 

This is one of those dishes I never tire of. If you prefer not to fry the eggplant, try making this with grilled or baked slices.

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No one is quite sure why this dessert is called “pick me up” in Italian, but it is assumed the name comes from the jolt of caffeine it p...

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Ricotta Cheesecake 

I like to think of this as an American-style Italian cheesecake. It is a large cake, though the flavor is delicate, with lemon zest and ...

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Orecchiette with Potatoes and Arugula

Arugula is ideal as a salad green, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good cooked. In Puglia, it is used in soups and pasta sauces and sautee...

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Lemon Potatoes

Potatoes, lemon, and rosemary bake together, their flavors marrying in this ideal dish to serve with fish. The secret to cooking the pota...

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Pasta-Stuffed Peppers

Capers, olives, and anchovies are the Three Musketeers of Southern Italian cooking. Here they are mixed with tomatoes and pasta to stuff ...

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