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Jan Main
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Jan had developed a number of recipes for anyone suffering from lactose intolerance. Her mission is to create recipes that provide calcium without relying on cheese, milk, yogurt or other dairy products.

Jan's Featured Recipe
Creamy Veggie Dip

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Jan Main is a home economist, caterer, teacher, and cookbook author. She has been teaching cooking and writing about food since 1978.


She is the author of five books: The Lactose-Free Family Cookbook; The Best Freezer Cookbook: 100 Freezer Friendly Recipes, Plus Tips and Techniques; 200 Best Lactose-Free Recipes: From Appetizers and Soups to Main Courses and Desserts; The Best Freezer Cookbook: Freezer Friendly Recipes, Tips and Techniques, and Bone Vivant: Calcium-Enhanced Recipes and Bone Building Exercises.


Jan lives in Canada.

Latest Recipes

Veggie, Beef and Pasta Bake

Heres a terrific recipe that makes a complete meal, with something from all 4 food groups! The pasta does not require any pre-cooking so...

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Chicken Salad Niçoise

For many people, summer means spending time with family and friends while dining al fresco. While you might have a beloved chicken salad recipe that you love to make, consider trying this recipe for Chicken Salad Nicoise for a change of pace. Some components of the salad can even be made the day before - just see the tips below. The classic version of this salad is made with tuna, but chicken makes a light, delicious variation for a hot summer day. Plan the night before to cook extra potatoes and beans. Dont let the long ingredient list put you off the salad is quick and easy to make.

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Broccoli and Cheese-Stuffed Potatoes

These delicious baked potatoes are great to pack along to work if you have the use of a microwave for reheating.

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Rhubarb Strawberry Cobbler with Candied Ginger

You can omit the ginger from this old-fashioned dessert if you prefer, but it goes beautifully with the rhubarb and adds a flavor boost t...

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Pea and Asparagus Soup with Fresh Tarragon

This easy-to-make soup is lively with fresh vegetables and has a velvety smooth texture. Better yet, it’s almost fat-free! A bowl of this...

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Rye Croutons

Croutons were first created by thrifty cooks looking for ways to use up bread trimmings. Here we have a basic crouton recipe, with variat...

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Quick Chicken Noodle Soup

This soothing and satisfying soup is made in minutes with chicken left from Sunday’s roast.

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Ground Chicken Pizza

This easy pizza has lots of kid appeal. For pineapple aficionados, top the chicken with pineapple tidbits before sprinkling on the last o...

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Chicken Chili Macaroni

This quick pasta dish, cooked all in one pan, will be a real family pleaser.

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Sizzling Shrimp

This messy but delectable first course is perfect for sharing among good friends. Serve straight from the baking dish with good quality c...

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Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Flecked with white chocolate chunks and walnuts, these fudgy cookies are a favorite with my family. Served with a cold glass of milk, the...

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Easy Bouillabaisse

This fish stew, originally from Provençe, makes a wonderful dinner party dish. It never ceases to please, yet can be prepared with a mini...

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Fish Stock

Use bones, head and tail from lean white fish such as sole, haddock, plaice, flounder and lemon sole in this recipe. Avoid fatty fish suc...

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Basic Chicken Stock

The easiest of stocks to make, this surpasses any commercial variety because you control the quality of ingredients and the amount of fat...

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Banana Berry Wake Up Shake

Frozen sliced bananas work well in these shakes and help make them creamy. When bananas start to get brown, pop them in the freezer and t...

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Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

These cookies are quick to make, fun to eat and they’re so easy that Bev’s 10 year old daughter Lisa can make them on her own.

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