Helen Nash

Helen Nash
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Born in Poland, Helen arrived in the United States in 1949 when she was a teenager. Today, she develops recipes and teaches kosher cooking, often to benefit New York charities.


Helen Nash
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Baked Potatoes

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Helen Nash was born in Krakow, Poland, and arrived in the United States as a teenager in 1949. As a very young girl, she spent the Second World War in labor camps in Siberia and Central Asia with her parents and her sister.


She is the author of three kosher cookbooks: Helen Nash's New Kosher  Cuisine; Kosher Cuisine; and Helen Nash’s Kosher Kitchen. Since the publication of these books, she has developed many more kosher recipes, all of which embody her principles of nutritious, uncomplicated, and attractive kosher food for every day as well as entertaining.


Said a reviewer in the New York Times: "Basically, Kosher Cuisine is not a traditional Jewish cookbook but a sophisticated contemporary book of kosher recipes that are easy, quick, light, fat-free and nutritious.”


Helen's third book is a collection of contemporary recipes for committed cooks, kosher or not. The book also contains some traditional dishes, the author says, and will appeal to "the Google and Twitter crowd."


Over the years, she has taught widely and published in a variety of newspapers and magazines. She has given cooking demonstrations and lectured at New York University and Yeshiva University, and has taught at De Gustibus at Macy's.


Much of Helen's teaching has been to benefit charities in New York City, where she lives.



Latest Recipes


Bring some comfort to the dinner table with this easy Meatloaf recipe. This main course, which can be served with the author's recipe for Red Kidney Beans, is full of flavor. This recipe includes potato, egg, and so many more ingredients, resulting in a main course that everyone in the family will love. Keep this recipe in mind when the temperature starts to dip, as it is sure to warm you up inside and out. You'll love the addition of potato to this recipe, too. If you have leftovers, consider placing each slice on your favorite sandwich bread for a hearty lunch.

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Broiled Chicken with Honey and Lemon

Homemade broiled chicken is a lot easier to make than you might think! This recipe for Broiled Chicken with Honey and Lemon uses fewer than 10 ingredients and won't take long to broil. This easy chicken recipe will be the perfect addition to any weeknight meal menu for your family, and can be served along with a fresh salad, pasta, or your favorite potato dish. The leftovers can simply be reheated the next night for dinner, or re-purposed in stir-fry or as part of a sandwich.

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Baked Potatoes

I am very fond of baked potatoes with a crisp skin and finished with any of a variety of toppings. Ricotta cheese seasoned with salt, pep...

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Eggplant Caviar

This dish originated in the country of Georgia, where eggplants are plentiful and generally are seedless. There it is called the poor man...

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Hazelnut Balls

Roasting the hazelnuts gives these cookies a distinctive nutty taste. They are easy to make and freeze very well.

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Honey Cake

I couldn’t resist sharing this heirloom honey cake recipe with you. Following tradition, I make it every Rosh Hashanah. It is moist, ligh...

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Marinated Salmon

This version of the traditional pickled salmon is a bit different—the salmon is less spongy and less vinegary and it keeps its color.

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Red Kidney Beans

This winter side dish is a tasty, nutritious accompaniment to roast meats and any number of entrées. You can easily make it in advance an...

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Sweet Potato Soup

This soup is simple to prepare, easy to serve, and great in any season.    

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Veal Stew

I like to prepare all my stew in advance, as doing so gives the flavors a change to blend nicely.  A heavy cast-iron saucepan is ideal fo...

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