Dorie Greenspan

Dorie Greenspan
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Dorie claims she “burned down my parents’ kitchen” when she was 13. Yet, she didn’t bake as much as a chocolate chip cookie before she got married. Instead, she was headed for a doctorate in gerontology.

Dorie Greenspan
Dorie's Featured Recipe
Old-Fashioned Almond Cookies

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Dorie Greenspan is a cookbook author who had written 10 cookbooks over the past 20 years, won six James Beard and IACP awards for them, including two cookbook of the year awards. She and Pierre Hermé won the IACP Cookbook-of-the-Year Award for Desserts by Pierré Herme and then a few years later she won the same honor for Around My French Table, which also was a New York Times bestseller. Dorie was named to the James Beard Foundation's Who's Who of Food and Beverage in America.

She and Pierre Hermé—who has been called Paris's king of pastry—have written two books. She and Daniel Boulud wrote the Café Boulud
Cookbook. She also says she “had terrific fun” writing Baking with Julia for Julia Child.

Baking From My Home to Yours was published in 2006, and shortly after publication, an online baking club, “Tuesdays with Dorie,” was formed
so that members could bake their way through the book as a group. They finished the book's 300+ recipes and are now baking through Baking with Julia. Another online group called “French Fridays with Dorie” are cooking through Around My French Table.

Dorie and her son Joshua recently launched Beurre & Sel cookies, baked in a tiny kitchen in East Harlem, New York, and sold out of a tiny
shop in the city’s Lower East Side. The cookies also are shipped nationwide.

Dorie and her husband Michael live in New York City, Westbrook, Connecticut, and Paris, France. She says she never knows which pantry needs a restocking of vanilla extract, and where various chargers are for which piece of electronic gear. She blogs about her food adventures in these and other places at


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