Bonnie Tandy Leblang

Bonnie Tandy Leblang
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Bonnie recently began a feature on her blog spotlighting other foodies. "We love sharing a sneak peek into the kitchens of our food friends and to discover their go-to ingredients, products, and gadgets," she says.

Bonnie Tandy Leblang
Bonnie's Featured Recipe
Greek Salad

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Bonnie Tandy Leblang wears many hats--and not all of them are toques. She is a food writer, internationally syndicated columnist, blogger, author, consultant, media communication specialist, culinary talent agent, and professional speaker.


Her column “Supermarket Sampler” is currently in its 24th year and is a roundup of what’s new on the shelf. It is in syndication with Universal Press Syndicate, as was “Express Lane Cooking,” a column she wrote for a number of years and which was the first syndicated daily food column in the United States.


Currently, Bonnie is a researcher and writer for Parade magazine and a columnist for Better Homes & Gardens. She’s been a columnist for Fitness, Lamaze Family, Parents, Caring Today and House Beautiful magazines. Her work has appeared in other publications, too, including the Associated Press, American Health, Cooks, Connecticut, Family Circle, Los Angeles Times, McCall’s, TV Guide, Woman's Day, Working Mother, Yankee, and The New York Times.


She has co-authored several cookbooks, including 365 Great Cookies and Brownies, Weekend Kitchen, Country Entertaining, Grains, Beans, and Rice.


Bonnie is the agent/manager for the Food Network’s Robin Miller of Quick Fix Meals, and agent for a handful of other talent. As a media mentor, she provides media relations seminars and workshops to the industry, instructing them how to work with the media.

She is a member of AMU Speakers Bureau and the National Speakers Association. She's had TV experience, including appearances on Good Morning America, CBS This Morning and CNN.  


In addition, she is a registered dietitian, has a masters degree and additional post-graduate studies in food science and nutrition.


Bonnie has served on the board of directors of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, IACP’s The Culinary Trust, James Beard Foundation, American Heart Association, and Connecticut’s Advanced Toastmasters International. 


Currently, she writes a blog, Bite of the Best, with her two sons and lives in Connecticut. Her blog is and her website is


Latest Recipes

Broiled Pineapple

A light fruit dessert is the perfect way to end just about any meal. And if you're looking for easy desserts, then this Broiled Pineapple recipe couldn't be any easier! Using just three ingredients, this sweet broiled pineapple recipe can be ready to eat within minutes. Although you can serve it as a delightful dessert after a filling lunch or dinner, consider topping it with plain or vanilla yogurt and serving it for a sweet addition to your brunch menu.

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Tuscan Bean Soup

What can be more comforting than a bowl of Tuscan Bean Soup on a chilly day? With this easy soup recipe, you can warm up inside and out. It's also so easy to make, too if you've never made soup before, then you simply must give this recipe a try. This soup is a vegetarian recipe, but don't be surprised if dedicated meat-eaters slurp up every last bit, too, especially if this soup is served with a slice of fresh bread and topped with grated mozzarella or Parmesan cheese.

(4 Votes)

Greek Salad

Fresh and full of flavor, this recipe for Greek Salad is one you need to keep at your fingertips this summer. Loaded with salad greens, red onions, juicy tomatoes, and plenty of other delicious ingredients, this easy salad recipe also features a homemade salad dressing that ties all of those flavors together. Although you can serve this easy summer salad recipe as a side dish (it would complement a steak on the grill, for example), you can certainly serve it as the main course for a light lunch or dinner.

(2 Votes)

Quick Minestrone Soup

With a quick glance, this may seem to have a long list of ingredients. But basically, its just some beans and pasta, with lots of vegeta...

(0 Votes)

Grilled Seasonal Vegetables

Fire up that grill and get cooking with this delightful recipe for Grilled Seasonal Vegetables! This easy recipe can be served as an appetizer, as a delicious side dish, or even as a hearty main course. Although this recipe is perfect for vegetarians, meat-eaters will find these vegetables to be filling and full of flavor, too. This easy grilling recipe has more than 10 ingredients, but can be ready to cook and then serve within minutes. Don't have a grill? You can still make this recipe using your broiler.

(3 Votes)

Chocolate Cheesecake

Decadent and delicious, this Chocolate Cheesecake recipe is one you simply must try! Every bite is smooth, creamy, and filled with chocolate there's no holding back with this easy cheesecake recipe! From the chocolate wafer crust to the whipped cream and chocolate garnish, this cheesecake recipe is one that everyone with a major sweet tooth will love. You'll love bringing this show-stopper to the table for dessert after just about any meal, so consider making it for your next cookout or get-together with friends.

(7 Votes)

Celebration Cake

When you're ready to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other milestone, not just any cake will do! This recipe for Celebration Cake is a fun and delicious way to mark any special occasion. Featuring layer after layer of cake and frosting, this delightful cake recipe will wow the crowd at your next big event. If you've never made a cake recipe from scratch before, don't worry. This recipe is easy to follow and won't take long to bake.

(6 Votes)

Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Instead of picking up a pre-made cinnamon cake from the grocery store, get baking with this easy recipe for Cinnamon Coffee Cake! This eight-ingredient coffee cake uses items you likely already have on hand at home, and is the perfect option if you need to make something for an impromptu brunch or get-together with friends. The recipe will taste delicious when served with hot cups of tea or you guessed it! coffee, and will be a hit with your entire family when serving it for breakfast.

(5 Votes)

Curried Chicken Salad

If you've only had premade chicken salad from a deli, then you are in for a treat with this recipe for Curried Chicken Salad! This recipe is easy to make and is one that every busy home cook should keep in mind, as the salad can be made in advance. Simply store the chicken salad in the refrigerator until it's time to eat. You can serve this flavorful take on the traditional chicken salad recipe on your favorite sandwich roll, or serve it on a bed of mixed greens for a unique approach.

(1 Votes)

Portable Nachos

Every tailgating event or watch party needs excellent snacks! Instead of opening a bag of chips and serving pre-made dip at your next get-together with friends, show off your cooking skills with this recipe for Portable Nachos. Cheesy and delicious, this game day recipe has a few components that can be made in advance of your next party. This nacho recipe can be adjusted so that you can make it as spicy or as mild as you and your friends prefer.

(1 Votes)

Wild Blueberry Cake

You've heard of blueberry pie and blueberry muffins, but what about blueberry cake? This recipe for Wild Blueberry Cake uses fresh blueberries and has a decadent crumb topping for a crowning touch. This scratch cake recipe is easy to make and can be mixed and poured in the pan within minutes. It's also the perfect recipe for young bakers to try with adult supervision, of course!

(8 Votes)

Peach Cobbler

This summer, make full use of the abundance of fresh peaches by making this easy Southern dessert recipe! The delightful Peach Cobbler is super easy to make (it has fewer than 10 ingredients) and can be ready to eat in about one hour, so keep it mind the next time you need to whip up a dessert at the last minute. This peach dessert recipe can look even more special and elegant when you include a scoop of vanilla ice cream or yogurt on top of each serving!

(2 Votes)

Country Vegetable Frittata

Nothing says "brunch" quite like a hearty egg dish! This recipe for Country Vegetable Frittata has it all, with plenty of eggs, cheese, and fresh vegetables in the ingredients list. You'll only need one ovenproof skillet to prepare this easy egg dish recipe, which will be great news for anyone who has to wash the dishes after the meal. You'll have a great start to the day when you include this filling and no-fuss frittata in your menu.

(4 Votes)

Beef and Barley Soup

Bonnies sister Meredith Spangenberg inspired this hearty soup, a favorite at her annual winter soup party.

(0 Votes)

Barbecued Beans

A quicker version of the beans prepared by old-time chuck wagon cooks.

(0 Votes)

Quick Southwestern Bean Dip

When you have a bit more time, instead of mashing the beans, just toss them with your favorite salsa, along with some corn, fresh peppers...

(0 Votes)

Golden Portuguese Bean Soup

Shelly Johnson, Bonnies sister, provided the inspiration for this hot, spicy, and satisfying soup thats rich in beta carotene.

(0 Votes)

Chutney Baked Beans

When served at a bean tasting while creating the recipes for this book, these beans, fragrant with sweet chutney, disappeared faster than...

(0 Votes)

Boston Baked Beans

Served with brown bread, these molasses-flavored beans make a traditional New England Saturday night supper.

(0 Votes)

Southwestern Appetizer

This is one of Joanne’s family’s favorites.

(0 Votes)

Tuna with Cannellini Salad

A refreshing light entree that’s a snap to prepare-especially if you stock your freezer with cooked beans.

(0 Votes)

Three Bean Salad

This traditional recipe is sometimes made with yellow (wax) beans in place of the limas.

(0 Votes)

Red Beans and Rice Salad

The spicy flavors of this salad will seem to rumba through your mouth. If you want to slow down the dance, just lessen the heat by reduci...

(0 Votes)

Norwegian-Style Bean Salad

North meets south in this classic Norwegian herring and potato dish, turned into a bean one. It’s quick to make and, although it sounds l...

(0 Votes)

Lentil and Walnut Salad

This is the perfect accompaniment to grilled meats.

(0 Votes)

Grandma Lamb’s Baked Beans

Joanne remembers enjoying these at family reunions when she was a child. Our thanks to her aunt, Ruth Hollenbeck, for knowing the recipe.

(0 Votes)

Maple Baked Beans

The aroma of maple fills your kitchen as these bake.

(0 Votes)

Fiesta Bean Salad

This delicious quick-to-prepare bean salad, with its Southwest flavor, fits perfectly on a buffet, at a picnic, or at a barbecue.

(0 Votes)

Cassoulet Salad

A chilled version of the French bistro favorite.

(0 Votes)

Dry Beans

(0 Votes)

Pizza Provencal

White bean pizza? You bet. Topped with pesto and fresh tomatoes, this unusually delicious pie makes a hearty meal.

(0 Votes)

Greek-Style Rice Salad

This is a delicious accompaniment to barbecued lamb or lemon-marinated chicken, or as a light luncheon entree with some crusty bread.

(0 Votes)


Kedgeree is an English breakfast that originated in India, usually made with kippers. This version uses the more readily available smoked...

(0 Votes)

Champagne Risotto

Serve this dish with champagne.

(0 Votes)

Green Risotto

This is our favorite risotto.

(0 Votes)

The Best Rice Pudding

This can be habit-forming.

(0 Votes)

Black Bean Soup

Using fully cooked ham and precooked or canned beans, you can prepare this hearty soup in under a half hour.

(0 Votes)

Effie’s Fassoulada

This version of the traditional Greek soup was inspired by the one Effie Tandy often makes.

(0 Votes)

Escarole and Fagioli Soup

Soup needn’t take hours to prepare. Here’s an example of one that can be on the table in less than 15 minutes.

(0 Votes)

Broccoli Salad Chinese Style

With the current focus on broccoli’s healthful properties, most everyone’s looking for new ways to serve it. Here’s a spicy side salad co...

(0 Votes)

Grandma Little’s Buttersoup

When Ellen Schoen Brockman was a child, her Grandma Little made this hearty soup for her. Ellen, a friend of Bonnie’s, loved buttersoup b...

(0 Votes)

Pasta e Fagioli

Here’s a simplified version of an old hearty Italian favorite. Instead of cooking each component separately, they’re all prepared in one ...

(0 Votes)

Pesto Vegetable Soup

Although you may not think of soup in the summer, this one’s delightful as light fare on a cool summer’s eve. It’s stocked with lots of f...

(0 Votes)


Ribollito is Italian for reboiled. In this quick-to-make soup, you add mashed, already cooked beans-hence, the name. This addition not on...

(0 Votes)

Three Pea Soup

The addition of fresh peas and pea pods gives a new twist to this split pea soup.

(0 Votes)

Adzuki Pate

These tiny red beans of Asian origin are packed with nutrition. Their nutty flavor makes this chunky dip a hit.

(0 Votes)

Country Caviar

Serve these, pickled black-eyed peas as an appetizer, a side dish, or a dressing over garden lettuce.

(0 Votes)

Hummus Bi Tahini

Adjust the consistency of this lemmony hummus by adding water or additional lemon juice. Use it thick as a dip for fresh vegetables or pi...

(0 Votes)

Low Fat Bean Dip

Bean dips needn’t be laden with fat calories. This one’s not.

(0 Votes)

Quick Quick Bean Dip

What could be quicker than combining cooked beans with your favorite salsa or picante sauce? No need to chop jalapeno peppers to increase...

(0 Votes)

Black and White Bean Salad

A simple-to-prepare, delectable salad that will convert almost anyone into a bean lover. Combining the dressing with warm beans lets them...

(0 Votes)
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