Becky Selengut

Becky Selengut
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Becky dedicates much of her time to various charities including the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Cascade Harvest Coalition. She donates cooking classes, dinners, demonstrations, and cookbooks to local charities for fund-raising purposes.

Becky Selengut
Becky's Featured Recipe
Weeknight Linguine with Spot Prawns and Basil

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Becky Selengut is a writer, private chef, and culinary instructor who coauthored the Washington Local and Seasonal Cookbook.  Her latest cookbook is called Good Fish.


She contributes regularly to Edible Seattle and is an advocate for seafood sustainability and seasonal, regional cuisine.


Becky founded the website Seasonal Cornucopia in 2006. This is a resource for chefs, restaurateurs, home cooks and gardeners looking to identify the seasonality of foods and seafood local to the Pacific Northwest.


Becky is a graduate of William Smith College and the Seattle Culinary Academy. She has worked on two PBS shows and cooked for nationally acclaimed restaurants. Currently, she teaches culinary classes for both PCC Natural Markets as well as Bastyr University


She lives in Seattle with her wife, April Pogue, and their two dogs. April contributed wine pairigs for Good Fish.   


Her blog is Chef Reinvented and her website is Seasonal Cornucopia

Latest Recipes

Steamers with Beer

If you are into clams you will love this amazing clams recipe for steamed clams. Steamers with Beer will give you perfectly steamed clams with a hint of beer in their flavoring. You will combine beer, onions, celery, and Old Bay seasoning, and let it come to a boil. Then you drop your clams in. Within four minutes you will have delicious clams to eat. This best steamer recipe can take any type of clams. The type of clams can vary depending on what's available where you live. Each coast has different varieties. The beer type is also optional. Any light beer will do the job. Make this wonderful and easy seafood dish tonight.

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Dungeness Crab Mac-and-Cheese

If you get the chance to go crabbing and have yourself a good day, youre going to be in the enviable position of having a ton of crabmea...

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Weeknight Linguine with Spot Prawns and Basil

Legend has it that pasta puttanesca was a quick bite for busy “ladies of the evening” in Naples, Italy. This dish is based on a classic p...

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Scallops with Carrot Cream and Marjoram

About ten years ago, at Tulio Ristorante in downtown Seattle, I had a memorable pasta dish featuring the herb marjoram; it was just a sma...

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Grilled Sockeye Salmon with Fennel Two Ways

When I was a child, I despised black jellybeans. I went so far as to think of them as assault weapons designed by adults to keep the cand...

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Halibut Tacos with Tequila-Lime Marinade and Red Cabbage Slaw

I present to you the godfather of fish tacos that I wait all winter for, pining longingly for the spring season when the first wild Alask...

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Black Cod with Toasted Almond Milk

This is an atypical dish: the toasted almond milk is neither a soup nor a sauce, but a light broth infused with nuts, leeks, sweet winter...

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Seared Albacore with Ratatouille

August is a time of such intense, overflowing bounty that we are literally buried in produce. In times of extreme fecundity, I make recip...

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Skillet Sardines with Fennel, Currant and Pine Nut Salad

There is a special place in my heart for this recipe. It started with an idea: could I transport an eater to the Mediterranean with just ...

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Quick Squid with Red Chile Sauce and Herbs

This is the recipe to make for people who are convinced that healthy food can’t be made quickly and inexpensively. In no time, the table ...

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