Andrew Schloss

Andrew Schloss
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Andy’s former restaurant, In Season, played an instrumental part in Philadelphia’s restaurant renaissance.

Andrew Schloss
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Zucchini Bread

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Andrew Schloss, cooking teacher, food writer, cookbook author and food industry consultant, is recognized for his ability to expalin technical aspects of cooking in easily undertandable terms. This has stood him in good stead as the author of 17 cookbooks.


Currently, he is president of Culinary Generations, Inc, a product development company, creating food products for major food manufacturers.


Among Andy’s most recent books are Homemade Liqueurs and Infused Spirits: Innovative Flavor Combinations, Cooking Slow: Recipes for Slowing Down and Cooking More, and Homemade Sodas: 200 recipes for Soft Drinks, Soda Pop, and Healing Waters and Fire It Up with David Joachim. His book Fifty Ways to Cook Most Everything, which was a main selection for Book of the Month Home Style Club, was re-issued as 2,500 Recipes: Everyday to Extraordinary. His other books include Dinner's Ready; One-Pot Cakes; While the Pasta Cooks; Cooking with Three Ingredients; One-Pot Chocolate Desserts; One-Pot Cookies; Almost From Scratch; Homemade in a Hurry; The Art of the Slow Cooker; and Mastering the Grill. The last book was coauthored with David Joachim and was a New York Times Best Seller.  


Andy is the former president of The International Association of Culinary Professionals and former director of the culinary curriculum for The Restaurant School in Philadelphia. 


He has appeared on Good Morning America, The Home Show, Home Matters, MSNBC, QVC, and The Main Ingredient. He has made numerous appearances on local television and radio throughout the country, as an author and in his role as a spokesperson for the National Potato Board, Whirlpool ovens and The Canned Food Alliance.


Andy and his family live near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

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Traditional Roast Turkey

Everyone should know how to make a Thanksgiving turkey, and this recipe for Traditional Roast Turkey is the perfect place to start. Making a whole turkey may be daunting, but this basic recipe makes roasting a turkey simple. Included below is even a recipe for stuffing made with a combination of aromatics, apples, and cubed bread. Roasted giblets help to give the stuffing a deep, savory flavor that everyone will love. Serve this roasted turkey and stuffing along your favorite Thanksgiving sides for the perfect feast.

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Roasted Whole Tenderloin of Beef

Skip the traditional holiday ham and grace your table with a Roasted Whole Tenderloin of Beef this holiday season. This tender and flavorful cut of beef is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas, New Year's Day, or any other special occasion. The best part of this beef tenderloin recipe is that it makes a great blank canvas for the rest of the meal. We suggest serving the tenderloin and red wine au jus alongside mashed potatoes and your favorite holiday fixings.

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Zucchini Bread

Do you have the happy problem of having too much zucchini and don't quite know what to do with it all? This recipe for Zucchini Bread just might be what you need! This quickbread includes a medley of flavors that you and your family will love. It will also make a serious dent in your zucchini harvest! After the loaves have cooled completely, consider storing one loaf in the freezer to enjoy over breakfast or for a snack in a few weeks. You could even bake a few extra loaves of this easy bread recipe to share with friends and neighbors.

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Coffee Almond Brownie Ice Cream

What can be better than a scoop of ice cream? A scoop of Coffee Almond Brownie Ice Cream, of course! You'll want to get your ice cream maker and get to work on this gourmet frozen treat. Perfect for those hot summer nights (or any time of the year, if we're being honest), this easy ice cream recipe has the perfect balance of flavors and is sure to please everyone.

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Green Tea Ice Cream

If you're ready to try a different type of ice cream, then you might want to check out this recipe for Green Tea Ice Cream. This easy-to-make ice cream recipe only has six ingredients and can be served for dessert at your next game night or other casual get-together with friends. You'll also love eating a bowl of this ice cream al fresco on your patio after a long day at work. With Asian menus so popular these days, this dessert has begun to pop up everywhere. Its a terrific ending after sushi or stir-fries.

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Parmigiano Pumpkin Soup with Frizzled Prosciutto

If your notion of pumpkin is sweet, and if you think it should be seasoned only with nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, and sugar, then get ready...

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Chocolate Pudding Cake

Check out this quick-hit chocolate dessert for a party of kids or for your party of adults looking for something sweet to hit the spot after dinner. This easy, gooey and fun dessert will be the most memorable part of your event. You take your cake batter, add some type of mouth-watering syrup and then bake up this dreamy delight. You can make this in a slow cooker that helps the syrup envelop itself into the cake. It may remind you of soft brownies barely cooked or a slightly heavier chocolate pudding. Chocoholics will not soon forget this tasty morsel.

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Tunisian Lamb Tagine with Toasted Almonds and Couscous

The stews of North Africa are known as tagines (also spelled tejines), after the conical ceramic vessel in which they are traditionally m...

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Noreen Kinney's Irish Soda Bread

I am indebted to Irish food expert and cookbook author Noreen Kinney, for sharing her familys Irish soda bread recipe. This bread is mea...

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Salmon Slow-Cooked with Herbs

Anyone who enjoys eating salmon for dinner will love this recipe for Salmon Slow Cooked with Herbs. This easy salmon recipe will help you get dinner on the table without breaking a sweat because your slow cooker will do most of the work. The finished salmon is served with a rich and flavorful sauce made from the slow cooker juices. The best thing about this easy slow cooker recipe is that you can switch things up by using different vegetables, such as carrots and peppers, instead of the usual potatoes and celery.

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Barbecue Pork and Beans

Pork and beans is usually more beans than pork; not so here. This hearty stew is overrun with melt-in-your-mouth barbecued pork, laced w...

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Raspberry Buttermilk Ice Cream

Despite its name, buttermilk is lower in fat than cream or even whole milk. But the incredible creamy taste of this frozen concoction wil...

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Manhattan Clam Chowder

Seafood soups don’t need a slow cooker. Fish falls apart and shellfish gets rubbery when cooked all day, and seafood broth really doesn’t...

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Hot Butterscotch Sauce

This sauce is the classic butterscotch sundae sauce. It is so delectable, we guarantee you will enjoy it all immediately.

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Mango Ginger Coulis

Sometimes the best sauces are the simplest ones. Here, mangos and ginger combine to make an elegant addition to fruity scoops of ice cream.

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Persimmon Gelato

Pumpkin pie gets a lift when served with this gelato made from fresh persimmons, an exotic fall fruit.

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Wild Mushroom and Wild Rice Bisque

Extreme elegance meets stick-to-the-ribs heartiness in this robust soup. It calls for a combination of dried wild mushrooms and fresh exo...

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Caramelized Brown Betty

Let’s get this straight. A “crisp” is a layer of sweetened and spiced fruit baked under a crispy crumb topping; a “pandowdy” is a one-cru...

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Seafood Caldo with Chorizo

Caldos are the hearty, chunky soups of Portugal and Spain. This one takes the flavors of the region and ups the ante of ingredients into ...

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All-Day Cassoulet

Last year I made this traditional French country casserole for a Super Bowl party. As a result, my sons will always think of it not as th...

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Grits for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

“Grits,” “mush,” “polenta,” “gruel,” whatever you want to call it, it’s easier to prepare in a slow cooker than by any other method. I lo...

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Slow-Roasted Beets with Walnut Gremolata

Roasted beets are as different from their ubiquitous boiled brethren as cherry gelatin is from real cherries. Where boiled beets are bitt...

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Fennel Braised with Artichokes

Elegance is not usually a key attribute of vegetables. We speak of them as healthy, colorful, and flavorful, but their ability to transpo...

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Great Burgers

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Grape Gelato

Although this gelato doesn’t turn the color of a fine Merlot, its pinkish hue has eye appeal. Pour a little cassis syrup over each servin...

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Mango Ice Cream Brûlée

A crunchy, sugary brûlée topping lends an elegant touch to this rich, tropical treat.

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Pine Nut and Honey Ice Cream

These two flavors make for an intense-tasting ice cream that will add a splash of elegance to your next dinner party. A dainty but crunch...

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Tomato Basil Ice

This ice is a welcome first course during a heat wave. Serve it on its own or dollop it in chilled corn or cucumber soup. For the best fl...

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Blueberry Ginger Ice

It seems not to matter whether you use fresh or thawed frozen blueberries in this recipe. You can omit the chopped mint if you prefer. Fo...

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Simple Syrup

This recipe is the basis of many of the frozen desserts in this book. It’s easy to make, and you can cover and keep it in the refrigerato...

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Chocolate Chip Coffee Gelato

This gelato pleases both the coffee lover and the chocoholic. If you’re really addicted to coffee, double the coffee granules for a real ...

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