Tofu Sushi                             

Editor's Note Vegetarians and meat-eaters alike will delight in this… More

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Cucumber Wrapped Rolls                                                     

In sushi school, one of the skills we worked on daily was learning to cut… More

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Sushi Basics                                 

Sushi rice is special. As the literal foundation of most sushi recipes,… More

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Lunch Box Sushi                                       

I came up with this idea because sushi for lunch is often requested at my… More

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Raw Yellowtail with Calamansi and Vinegar                                                                                           

Kinilaw is an indigenous Filipino dish of incredible freshness, usually… More

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Blueberry Sushi with Honey Chili                                                                         

Editor's Note Contrary to popular belief, making homemade sushi doesn't… More

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Classic California Roll                                                       

This is the Adam and the Eve of today’s inside-out rolls. It is filled… More

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Grilled Shiitake Sushi                                                     

This vegetarian sushi recipe will be as satisfying as it is easy to make.… More

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Spicy Sriracha Mayonnaise Sauce                                                                       

Every restaurant has its own version of spicy mayonnaise sauce. Sriracha,… More

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Sashimi Napolean                                         

mqwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwer More

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My Mother’s Classic Thick Roll                                                                            

This thick roll is stuffed with sweet simmered shiitake mushrooms, kanpyo… More

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Vegetarian FSP Roll                                               

The Vegetarian FSP Roll recipe is from Cape Cod restaurant owner and sushi… More

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