Whole Roast Duck with Hoisin Sauce                                                                             

There are some truly delicious duck recipes out there, but none of them… More

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Veal Milanese with Arugula, Tomato, and Red Onion…

The next time you want to plan a meal with that special someone in your… More

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Veal Francese with Artichoke Hearts                                                                               

A romantic meal for two is just around the corner with this delightful and… More

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Turtle Soup                               

If you've never tried turtle meat before, you might balk at the idea of… More

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If you're stuck in a rut when it comes to meal planning, then give this… More

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Swedish Meatballs                                           

Editor's Note Venison Swedish meatballs are a delicious take on a classic… More

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Squab in the Umbrian Style                                                             

Piccioni, farm-raised young pigeons, or squabs, between three and four… More

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Spicy Oxtails with Pears and Sweet Potatoes                                                                                               

Everyone knows that the best meat is next to the bone, and with an oxtail,… More

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Snails with Garlic Butter                                                           

Do you know what your next soiree needs? Great appetizers, of course! This… More

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Sautéed Ham Slices—Cream and Madiera Sauce                                                                                                   

Placed on a bed of spinach braised in stock, surrounded with broiled… More

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Sauteed Frog’s Legs                                                   

Jumbo frog's legs are as tender as butter. More

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Sautéed Calf’s Liver                                                       

A truly special occasion calls for a truly special meal! This recipe by… More

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Roast Suckling Pig                                             

mqwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwer More

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Roast Quail With Fennel                                                       

I must confess that when I was in Syria I ordered and ate roast sparrows.… More

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Roast Quail                               

The quail unfortunately falls into a kind of bird purgatory; it is not a… More

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