Sample recipes from Think Like a Chef

Pan-Roasted Striped Bass

Any firm-fleshed fish (such as halibut, cod, snapper, salmon, grouper, etc.) may , be substituted for the bass. Just make sure that the f...

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Brown Chicken Stock

Brown chicken stock forms the base for many sauces and braises and is an essential ingredient to have at the ready in your kitchen (it fr...

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White Chicken Stock

A white chicken stock is the first step toward making brown chicken stock: it also has many uses of its own. White chicken stock cannot b...

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Roasted Tomatoes and Garlic

Roasting intensifies the flavor of even less-than-spectacular tomatoes, in case local greenmarket varieties are unavailable.

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Clam Ragout with Pancetta, Roasted Tomatoes, and Mustard Greens

Shellfish with bacon is a classic combination. The sensation of salty, briny clams with slightly sweet pancetta is one of my favorites. I...

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Seared Tuna with Roasted Tomato Vinaigrette and Fennel Salad

In this recipe roasted tomatoes are used in two different ways: First, they are used to make a vinaigrette, then they are placed on the p...

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Polenta Gratin with Mushroom “Bolognese”

Bolognese usually refers to a rustic meat sauce. This version uses wild mushrooms in place of the veal found in the classic dish. We add ...

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Braised Duck with Apples

Here the duck and apples are braised together, flavoring each other in the process.

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Creamless Creamed Corn

In experimenting with different vegetable juices one day, I discovered that heating corn “juice” caused it to thicken quickly, due to the...

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Roasted Savoy Cabbage with Raisins

It might seem odd to roast a leaf vegetable, but the density of cabbage makes this dish work. Roast cabbage just as you would a piece of ...

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My Favorite Chicken Soup

Sunday nights usually find me at home, with, remote control in hand—especially during basketball season. This soup is my favorite meal to...

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