Sample recipes from The New Book of Middle Eastern Food

Ful Ahdar bel Roz wal Laban Zabadi

You need young fava beans, not tough old ones. Some supermarkets sell them shelled in the season. Good-quality frozen ones are also fine...

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Shorbet Samak Beid ab Lamouna

You find the egg-and-lemon finish, also called bel tarbeyah, in all Middle Eastern countries. In Greece it is the famous avgolemono. Use...

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Fish Kebab

Although Turkey is surrounded on three sides by sea, it is not very strong on fish dishes. Seafood has not been part of the old Anatolia...

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Saman hi Einah Quails with Grapes

A wonderful dish. Even those who think it is not worth cooking quail because the birds are too small think this is delightful. In Morocc...

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Orange Slices in Orange Syrup

The orange zest and the orange-blossom water give a delicate fragrance to the syrup.

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