Sample recipes from The Fannie Farmer Cookbook

Standing Rib Roast

Cooking time varies widely, depending on the shape of the roast and internal temperature. You”ll need a meat thermometer. Serve with York...

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Baked Ham

Baked ham is an ideal main dish for beginning cooks and the best answer for the harried cook. It requires only that you put it into the o...

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Giblet Broth

In general “giblets” refers to all the loose parts—the neck, heart, liver, and gizzard of poultry. A broth made of giblets and vegetables...

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Braised Chestnuts

To shell chestnuts, cut slits or crisscross gashes in the flat sides of the chestnuts and drop them into boiling water for a minute or tw...

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Waldorf Salad

Sometimes it's pleasing to have two different kinds of apples in a Waldorf salad, if the season is right and you can get different variet...

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Christmas Stollen

Christmas Stollen are made from a sweet dough, rich in butter and eggs, with lemon rind, almonds, and candied fruit added for festive tri...

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French Toast

French toast is always better if your bread is a little dry—a day or two old, or leave the slices out overnight. Serve these crusty slice...

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Yorkshire Pudding

First cousin to the popover, this crisp, golden-brown puff is a glorious accompaniment to roast beef or Standing Rib Roast. Remove the ro...

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Indian Pudding

Spicy, coarse, and dark brown, an old-fashioned dessert that celebrates the Indians' gift of com. Serve with heavy cream or vanilla ice c...

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