Sample recipes from The Cornbread Gospels

Dairy Hollow House Skillet-Sizzled Cornbread

This is the cornbread I served when I owned and ran Dairy Hollow House it was its single most requested recipe. It is the first Southern...

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Jessica Harris’s Herbed Cornbread

In her terrific book A Kwanzaa Keepsake, Jessica Harris points out that, like tomatoes and peppers, corn and cornmeal are New World addit...

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Chipotle Cornbread

Chipotle chile peppers are actually jalapeno peppers that have been dried and smoked. They are often packed in adobo sauce, which is full...

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Mexican-Style Corn Spoonbread

This Mexican-style spoonbread pudding (budin is Spanish for “pudding”) can be served alongside any main dish, but it is hearty enough and...

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Blue, Blue Blueberry Corn Muffins

Almost everyone’s first and favorite muffin is blueberry. Here are a few twists. Cornmeal adds its ever-pleasing gritty crunchiness, and ...

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Blueberry-Cream Cheese-Honey Butter

If you used frozen blueberries for the muffin recipe, you’ll have some left over in the bag. Use them to make this luscious spread for th...

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Classic Souffléed Spoonbread

The texture of this finished spoonbread is smooth and tender, its flavor pure. You will find its close cousins in virtually all Southern ...

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Toasted Sesame Multigrain Waffles

So very, very good. The sesame makes for an extra bit of crunch, which enhances the pocketed waffle surface. I like separating the eggs f...

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Toasted Sesame Multigrain Pancake Mix

This is a very lovable recipe. I know Pancake batters are easily made from scratch, and there are countless pancake mixtures of every de...

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Savory Onion-Scallion Corn Cakes

Almost fritter-like, but not fried, these are an excellent supper side dish and an off-the-charts entree when served as a Mexi-Stack (see...

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Fresh Corn Fritters

You've probably had corn on the cob and eaten quite a few slices of corn bread. If you're looking for a way to serve corn that's new to you, then this recipe for Fresh Corn Fritters should be at the top of your bucket list this summer! The use of fresh corn will make a tasty and satisfying difference, and will be the perfect accompaniment to anything you plan to grill or cook for dinner.

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Basic Down-Home Hush Puppies

This is the traditional hush puppy, the one most people who grew up eating hush puppies recall happily. Some grandmas grated the onion, some minced it some, these days, pulse-chop it in the processor.

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Savory Cornbread Dressing

Although I prefer a not-too-sweet cornbread made with both flour and cornmeal for this recipe, such as the Dairy Hollow House Skillet-Siz...

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Bourbon Sauce

The original recipe used more butter and quite a bit more sugar. Lord knows, this version is rich enough. If any children are present and...

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