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Asian Gazpacho

This is a terrific summer recipe during July and August when the days and nights can be hot, hot, hot. Asian Gazpacho is a cold soup that will be extremely refreshing as a starter for your meal. This particular recipe leans toward a tomato base. Korea and Japan are two of the only Asian countries that are known for preparing cold soups. Gazpacho is much more common in the Philippines, where a much stronger Spanish influence still exists among its citizens. Enjoy this change of pace on your summer menu.

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Fresh Vegetable Spring Rolls with Filipino Garlic Sauce

Most Southeast Asian countries have a version of fresh spring rolls. Filipinos have adapted the original Fukien unfried spring rolls (lun...

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Chicken and Vegetable Salad with Chinese Sesame Sauce

This Chicken and Vegetable Salad with Chinese Sesame Sauce is a colorful Asian salad recipe that can be enjoyed at any meal. Chicken breast here is what adds a protein element, but you could easily substitute it for tofu if you're looking for a vegetarian salad recipe. Loaded with vegetables such as cucumbers, bell peppers, and radishes, and paired with a light vinaigrette dressing, this healthy salad is a great way to enjoy Chinese food while watching your waistline! You can't miss with this vegetable salad - it combines the flavors of restaurant-style Chinese food recipes while delivering a blast of nutrition.

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Taiwanese Seafood Paella

Here is a divine dish to serve at a dinner party. This seafood gem will add an elegance and set a Taiwanese tone that guests will salivate over. The paella will entertain your taste buds with its generous use of basil and chilies. This dish can be paired with a clear soup for an appetizer and one or two vegetable side dishes to complement the array of seafood it has to offer. The sticky rice that serves as a base wonderfully soaks up the juices of the seafood, making the dish flavorful and lasting for the palette. Your guests will remember this dinner and its thoughtful presentation.

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Grilled Salmon with Ginger and Green Onion Relish

Here is a twist on salmon with an Asian bent. Although the Chinese frown on grilling, this recipe has you use the grill to prepare the salmon. You then pair it with a delicious ginger and green onion relish, created with a Chinese sauce for chicken in mind. Salmon fillets are preferable for this recipe, but salmon steaks would also suffice. Relish lovers will enjoy this new take on salmon that combines traditional Chinese flavors with a fish staple that many prepare weekly or monthly. Enjoy your dish that will carry your taste buds above and beyond the Great Wall of China.

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Peking Savory Fried Cornish Hens

This dish might seem a bit complicated after all, the chicken is marinated, steamed and then fried but this time-honored Chinese meth...

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Thai Grilled Chicken Wings

The fragrant marinade and glaze exemplifies the traditional Thai blend of spicy, sweet, savory and sour in one dish. Marinated wings are ...

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Filipino Turmeric-Scented Pork Stew

Another simple homestyle dish from the northern part of the Philippines, this vinegar-based stew has an unusual, delicate flavor and a pl...

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Crispy Rice Vermicelli with Seafood in Coconut Sauce

A dish that will make you feel as if you have visited the Philippine Islands can be a great summer entree for a dinner party. This light and tasty seafood and rice dish will give some ethnic flair to your overall presentation. The Filipino coconut sauce is an absolute staple among islanders. Pouring it over the deep fried rice with crispy and soft noodles will help to develop new layers of texture and enhance the eating experience. This also gives a new twist to your seafood, with the same spice and excitement you can find in the Philippines.

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Chinese Braised Mixed Mushroom Noodles

This recipe is based on Chinese vegetarian mushroom dishes. Traditional Chinese vegetarian fare for religious Buddhists includes no garli...

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Korean Sweet Pickled Radish

This is a refreshing relish with a pretty color that can accompany almost any dish.

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Chinese Spicy Pickled Napa Cabbage

This is a famous pickle from northern China. The spiced Napa cabbage is soured naturally at room temperature; it will continue to sour sl...

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Thai Cucumber Relish

This is a simple relish, traditionally served with satays and fried foods.

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Banana and Chocolate Spring Rolls

This dessert is inspired by a snack sold from street stalls everywhere in the Philippines. It is a simple dish that goes very well with i...

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