Roma: Authentic Recipes from In and Around the Eternal City

Sample recipes from Roma: Authentic Recipes from In and Around the Eternal City

Pizza Stuffed with Broccoli Rabe from the Ciociaria

This recipe from the Ciociaria is for a type of calzone made when broccoli rabe is in season. This slightly bitter vegetable is known in ...

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Farro and Cabbage Soup

Although this is a meatless dish, the cabbage and onions provide a hearty flavor base. Cooked farro berries or ground farro is used. Whol...

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Risotto with Puréed Asparagus and Smoked Provola

In Rome and Latium, rice is more often found in the form of risotto in restaurants than in home cooking. This is my adaptation of an outs...

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Roast Milk-Fed Baby Lamb

The famous Roman abbacchio, milk-fed baby lamb not older than six weeks, is almost as tender as butter when it is cooked. The best way to...

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Stewed Baby Back Ribs and Sausages with Polenta

This Roman recipe was kindly given to me by Viola Buitoni. A dish of succulent pork ribs and sausages simmered in a dense tomato sauce is...

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Fish Fillets in Caper Sauce, Roman Style

The Italians typically cook the whole fish rather than fillets, as the full, brinish flavors of fish are diminished when it is cooked wit...

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Stewed Fresh Fava Beans with Pancetta and Onions

This is one of Rome’s classic fava bean dishes. Pancetta or salt pork can be substituted for guanciale, the favorite cooking fat of Latiu...

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Roasted Onions with Vinegar Dressing

The people of Latium love onions, so much so that they consume one-quarter to one-fifth of the country’s production. Latina is a particul...

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Sweet Ricotta Tart

Crostata di ricotta is a simple pie of northern Lazio, sometimes decorated with a lattice topcrust. The recipe was kindly provided by my ...

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Ricotta Pudding

It follows that the exquisite sheep’s milk ricotta Latium is famous for would be put to many uses. With its dense, creamy texture, it is ...

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Dal Borgo’s Little Walnut Cakes

The enchanting town of Farfa in Rieti Province rises from the slopes of Mount Buzio in the Sabine and has a sweeping view of the Tiber Va...

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