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Yellow Split-Pea Soup with Spiced Butter

In the English countryside outside Cambridge is a house called the Old Vicarage, which used to be the priest’s house for the church acros...

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Red Beet Borscht

Because Central Asia is so cold, the people rely on culinary staples that are substantial and warm. The vodka helps, but a hearty root-ve...

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Lemony Miso Soup

Miso, a fermented paste made from soy beans, grain, salt, and bacteria, comes in a full range of flavors and colors. White miso, also cal...

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Olive Oil and Mint Orange Salad

Sicilians often eat this insalata with good crusty bread and a glass of white wine. The oranges and lemons are drizzled with just a littl...

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Crunchy Taco Salad

This big meal salad is loaded with beans, chilies, tomatoes, cheese, and tortilla chips and tossed with a creamy, spicy guacamole dressin...

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Spicy Guacamole Dressing

This dressing is creamy and smooth, with the flavors of garlic, chili, and lemon juice. It is suitable for a taco salad or as a dip for f...

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Buttery Crisp Potato Cake

Brittany is a region in the northwest corner of France with chilly sea weather, so potatoes and other hearty foods are extremely popular ...

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Sweet and Sour Stir-Fried Vegetables

This recipe is served at the Jamjuree Thai Kitchen in Yangon, the capital of Myanmar (formerly Burma). The restaurant sits facing a huge ...

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Creamy Polenta with Mushroom Sauce

The traditional Abruzzi way to serve coarse ground polenta is sulla tavola, on a board. The polenta is cooked to a creamy consistency, po...

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Baked Eggs with Fresh Herbs

Rasht is an Iranian village near the Caspian Sea with a humid climate favorable to growing fresh vegetables and herbs. This dish is calle...

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Bull's-Eye Eggs

A friends father used to make this dish as a weekend treat when she was a child. Kids like the trick of the egg inside the bread. Using ...

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Chili and Cheese Paste for Rice

In Bhutan this dish is called emma datsi (emma means “chili” and datsi means “cheese paste”). Bhutan has two types of dried chiles: red o...

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Quick Mushrooms and Cheese for Rice

Many varieties of mushrooms can be found in the countryside of Bhutan, which is nestled in the Himalayas and bordered by Tibet, Sikkim, a...

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Fried Eggplant with Lemon Wedges

Lightly browned, crispy on the outside, soft in the center, and lightened with a squeeze of lemon, slices of fried eggplant can really hi...

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Spicy Soy-Sauced Tomatoes

Condiments in Indonesian cooking are just as important as the savory dishes they are served with. Meals come with a small platter of thre...

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Sweet and Tart Pineapple Fritters

These pineapple fritters, crisp and tart, are served piping hot sprinkled with sugar, toasted sesame seeds, and a sprinkle of rum or rice...

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Fresh Fruit Crisp

Here's an easy dessert recipe that can be baked year-round! This Fresh Fruit Crisp incorporates in-season fruits (but frozen can be used, too), resulting in a crisp that you will want to serve at your next book club meeting or even after a big family meal. The crisp can be mixed and ready for baking within minutes, making this recipe the perfect choice the next time you need to make dessert in a hurry.

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Light and Creamy Custard

This custard calls for more eggs than most, with extra soft results. Use high quality ingredients, especially fresh eggs and milk. The ca...

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Date-Sweetened Walnut Loaf

This excellent teacake, full of dates and topped with roasted walnuts, is often served thinly sliced at English tea tables. The English d...

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Candied Cinnamon Walnuts

These make excellent Christmas gifts wrapped in pretty bundles. People are always wanting more and look forward to receiving them each ye...

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