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Pepper and Basil Frittata

Editor's Note This Pepper and Basil Frittata is chock-full of healthy vegetables and low-fat ingredients that make it one of the most guilt-free breakfast ideas out there. Cauliflower, zucchini, and (of course) red peppers combine with the flavors of basil and garlic to bring you a vegetable frittata recipe that is truly out of this world. The recipe serves six, so it's perfect for Sunday brunch or a big family breakfast - and with the delicious low-fat adjustments in this healthy frittata recipe, you won't have to sacrifice nutrition for taste!

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Tomato and Mozzarella Salad

The Italian name for this salad is insalata caprese, and it’s a shining example of the brilliance of Italian cuisine: a few fresh, simple...

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Seared Tuna with Green Beans, Lemon, and Wasabi

This dish isn’t a makeover, per se. But there are so many beloved--and believe it or not, unhealthy--seared tuna dishes out there in the ...

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Flash-Fried Finger-Lickin Chicken

Everyone loves a good fried chicken, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. This Flash-Fried Finger-Lickin Chicken gives you all the taste of your typical fried chicken recipe but with less calories and fat! Other "healthy" fried chicken recipes used an oven baking technique, which doesn't have quite the same effect as frying it. By flash frying the chicken, you don't have to sacrifice anything in order to get the chicken you love without the grease! The flash frying technique can even be modified to be used in your other easy chicken recipes, too - it'd be delicious for chicken and waffles.

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Chicken Piccata

This easy chicken piccata recipe will help you bring the taste of an Italian restaurant into your own kitchen. To make Chicken Piccata, seasoned chicken is dredged in flour and egg before getting sauteed in butter. The residual butter and drippings are then transformed into a velvety sauce. Garlic, lemon juice, and flour are added to the sauce for additional flavor and thickness. Capers are stirred into the sauce right before it gets spooned over the tender, juicy chicken. This Italian-American recipe will become a staple in your recipe box once you taste the bright and tangy chicken.

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Real Chicken Marsala

This Real Chicken Marsala recipe tosses out the less-than-healthy ingredients usually found in marsala sauce, such as butter and white flour, and instead relies on the natural flavors of the ingredients involved for an authentic Italian taste. Greek yogurt is the key to maintaining the creaminess of the dish without adding a lot of fat, and keeping things simpler than in other chicken marsala recipes allows the true stars of the dish - the mushrooms, chicken, and garlic - to shine. This is an easy chicken recipe to throw together for dinner any night of the week.

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Grilled Turkey Kebabs a la King

This was originally a rich chicken dish made with lots of cream and sherry, peas, and pimientos, and served on hot buttered toast points ...

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Grilled Turkey Salisbury Steaks with Tomatoes and Provolone Sauce

Classic salisbury steak is a patty made of ground beef and seasonings that is fried in butter or oil and smothered in a brown sauce. Alth...

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Pepper Steak

If there's one steak recipe you should have in your repertoire, it's Pepper Steak. Charred peppers and a thick, rich sauce lend their flavor to beef tenderloin in this pepper steak recipe which is quick enough to make for a weeknight dinner. It's an easy but flavorful dish that packs a peppery punch! This is a classic steak recipe that's popular at restaurants, but with this recipe you'll learn how to make pepper steak on the stove at home, filling the house with a wonderful aroma that will have your family drooling.

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Rocco’s How Low Can You Go Low-Fat Marinara Sauce

There are some high-quality, great-tasting low-fat tomato sauces available on the store shelves these days, so if you don’t want to make ...

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Indian Beef Curry

This Indian Beef Curry recipe is chock-full of savory beef and sauteed vegetables, creating a dish that's full of flavor. Greek yogurt lends the curry a creamy consistency without adding a lot of fat, while garlic and basil give the curry powder a little extra kick. Unlike some other Indian curry recipes, this one doesn't take long to make - it cooks up in less than 30 minutes, making it a perfect last-minute dinner dish! Bring it to a dinner party for a surefire conversation starter.

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Steak au Poivre

Steak au Poivre is one of those classics that immediately comes to mind when you think of French recipes. Peppercorn-crusted steak combines with a creamy brandy or cognac sauce to create this rich, delicious French steak recipe that's a favorite the world over. This version is a healthier alternative to the typical steak au poivre recipe as it calls for skim milk rather than heavy cream, making for a lighter sauce that tastes just as good. No one will know that you made the substitution!

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Barbecue Ribs

I love these ribs--they’re better than real BBO for two reasons: (1) They ring in at one-third the calories and fat of the original, and ...

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Fettuccine Alfredo

Who doesn't love a cheesy, rich Fettuccine Alfredo recipe? It feels great to indulge in a dish like that, but not so great if you're trying to diet. This whole-wheat pasta alfredo, however, can be consumed guilt-free the alfredo sauce recipe uses low-fat Greek yogurt instead of cream for a much healthier alternative. This way, you cut out some of the fat while maintaining the flavor and creamy texture of the alfredo. Your kids will never know the difference, and you might even find you enjoy the texture of the whole-wheat pasta better than its white flour alternative!

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No Cream-No Cry Penne alla Vodka

Vodka sauce is the perfect marriage of tomato and cream, but No Cream-No Cry Penne alla Vodka is one pasta recipe you don't have to feel guilty about indulging in. If you've been wondering how to make vodka sauce that's not heavy on the calories, here it is this low-fat vodka sauce recipe swaps out the cream for Greek yogurt, maintaining the rich flavor of the sauce while cutting the fat and calories. Pair it with whole-wheat penne for a penne alla vodka recipe that you can really feel good about.

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Mama-Approved Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spaghetti and meatballs is one of those classic dinner ideas you make again and again. These Mama-Approved Spaghetti and Meatballs uses a low-fat marinara sauce and lean turkey, among other low-fat ingredients such as eggplant, to create homemade meatballs that are much healthier than a traditional meatball recipe! The meatballs are tender and bursting with flavor but with a fraction of the calories and fat. Whole-wheat spaghetti is the final component to this low-calorie pasta recipe. Adults can indulge guilt-free in this waistline-friendly dinner and kids will never know the difference.

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Creamed Spinach

Here’s a great steakhouse side dish that can do more harm than the red meat itself. Standard preparations make a bad boy out of an otherw...

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Sweet Potato Fries

French fries are maddeningly delicious, but consider that a large order of McDonald’s French fries contains about 500 calories and 25 gra...

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Not So Basic Vinaigrette

I first learned how to make a real French vinaigrette when I was eighteen years old and living with a very generous chef in Paris. It was...

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Creamy Parmigiano-Reggiano Sauce

Toss this creamy sauce with hot cooked pasta, or drizzle it over steamed broccoli or roasted Brussels sprouts.

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Onion-Garlic Puree

This aromatic puree is designed to be a base ingredient and is a great way to build flavor and texture without adding fat. You can stir i...

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Au Poivre Sauce

This rich French sauce made of pepper, Cognac, and cream is traditionally served on steak, but its equally good on pork or salmon. Inste...

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