Sample recipes from Michael Mina: The Cookbook

Crispy Pork Belly

Pork belly, which comes from the underside of the bog, is basically uncured fresh bacon. The rosy meat is marbled with fat and when brais...

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Butter-Poached Kobe Beef Rib Eye Master Recipe

Tales of the Kobe beef cattle being with sake and fed a special diet enriched with beer are culinary legend. It is reputed that all the l...

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Do you want to impress the crowd at your next brunch or lunch event? Then you'll want to use this recipe for Brioche! This bread is a step up from your typical loaf of bread and can be served on its own with a smattering of your favorite jam, or as the basis for French toast, sandwiches, or bread pudding. This recipe will require some time from start to finish, so plan accordingly when making this bread. If you have already perfected the basics of baking breads, then you'll want to step up your game with this bread recipe.

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Maine Lobster Potpie

My wife and I love to entertain at home on Sundays, my day off. This is when I try out ideas that inevitably become items on my menu. The...

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Pinot Noir Reduction

This robust wine sauce is a natural accompaniment to grilled steak as well as fish, such as meaty tuna.

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Chicken Stock

Chicken stock is an indispensable commodity in a restaurant kitchen. It is good to always have it on hand for use as a base for soups and...

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Veal Stock

In this stock, the veal bones and vegetables are roasted to create a more pronounced flavor and deep color. The gelatin in the bones adds...

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