Chicken Soup: 38 International Recipes from Traditional to Contemporary

Sample recipes from Chicken Soup: 38 International Recipes from Traditional to Contemporary

Basic Chicken Broth

This broth is delicious with vegetables or noodles, or as the base for other soups. If you prefer a lighter flavor for vegetable-based so...

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Pressure-Cooked Chicken Stock

Pressure cookers make rich-tasting stocks in less than half the time as traditional stove-top methods. Because there is little evaporatio...

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Wonton Soup

For a more substantial soup, any thinly sliced vegetables, such as carrots, mushrooms, or cabbage, can be added along with the bok choy.

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Turkey Wonton

You can vary the fillings by using ground chicken, or a combination of ground pork and turkey, chicken, or veal. Finely chopped water che...

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Minestrone with Smoked Chicken

A colorful and seasonal minestrone can be made with a combination of your favorite vegetables and cooked beans throughout the year. This ...

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Pesto makes a wonderful flavoring for soups. I prefer to float a teaspoon on top of the soup without stirring it in, which can give the s...

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Mexican-Style Chicken Noodle Soup with Garlic Sauce

This comforting dish is really more noodles than soup. It’s considered a dry soup in Mexico, because of the lack of liquid. The noodles a...

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Garlic Sauce

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Chicken Albondigas Soup

A friend created this soup for an informal dinner party years ago, and Ive been making it ever since. The albondigas (meatballs) can be prepared a day or two ahead and reheated.

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Crème Fraîche

Homemade crème fraîche will keep about two weeks, in the refrigerator. It’s the perfect addition to soups and sauces because it doesn’t c...

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Callaloo is a famed soup of the Caribbean that is made with greens from aroid plants indigenous to that of the world. Since callaloo gree...

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Spiced Hanoi Chicken Noodle Soup

This Vietnamese staple is usually made with spiced beef, but it is equally good with chicken. The Vietnamese eat this soup any time of th...

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Golden Chicken and Sweet Plantain Sopa

My good friend Norman Van Aken is one of the great chefs of Miami Beach. He’s known for his imaginative cooking style that combines the f...

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Chicken and Coconut Milk Soup

This is well worth a trip to a Thai or gourmet market for authenticity’s sake. Galangal (also known in Laos as ka) is a root that’s a lit...

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Senegalese Soup

Traditionally a creamed curried soup, this low-fat version uses cooked vegetables to thicken the broth instead of cream and egg yolks.

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