Sample recipes from Can it, Bottle it, Smoke it

Carrot Almond Jam

This jam is an extension of a failed recipe for Passover carrot candy from an ancient cookbook put out by a home for the aged in Worceste...

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Plum Catsup

Where does one draw the line between a catsup and a sauce? My personal definition is that if I want to dunk French fries in it, it’s a ca...

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Insanely Healthy Nuggets

This is a great gifting cereal-sturdy, attractive, packed with toothsome texture and morning flavors, and, shall we say, “motivating.” Do...

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Worcestershire Sauce

Tangy, vinegary, and slightly hot and sweet: whether it’s used for Bloody Marys or on a steak, this classic sauce cannot be replaced. And...

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Sweet Pepper and Corn Relish

I drink the brine on this one. I kid you not. This is a super old-fashioned pickle so self-consciously retro that it’s modern again—ready...

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Miso Pickles

The salt and living enzymes of miso slowly work magic on the daikon to craft a pickle that’s supercrunchy and pleasantly full-flavored, w...

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Corned Beef

Corning meat is another term for a long, slow brining processand its delicious both hot (with potatoes, cabbage, and beer) and sliced cold for sandwiches (dont forget the mustard). Any meat that will sit in the fridge uncooked for a week should have a dousing of Instacure # 1, the pink curing salt (known as sodium nitrite) available at some butcher shops or at Not only will curing salt help prevent dietary cooties, but it will also help the beef keep its delightful color.

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Chipotles in Adobo Sauce

I’m a huge fan of the smoky heat of this double-duty condiment: pop the lid and you have both fiery smoked jalapenos and the flavor-power...

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Soft Pretzels

If you thought you could only eat Soft Pretzels in a stadium while watching your favorite team play, then this recipe is for you! This recipe results in pretzels that are warm, tasty, and can be dunked in your favorite dip for a quick snack. You'll want to make these pretzels as appetizers for the next watch party at your house your family and friends will be suitably impressed with your skills! If you want to expand your culinary skills, then this is a recipe you need to include in your repertoire.

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Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Spoon it, smear it, spread it on bread: there isn’t a wrong way to eat gianduja, the Italian blended spread of toasted hazelnuts and ric...

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Vanilla Extract

When you make your own vanilla extract, the waiting time is long, but the labor involved is minimal. Essentially, you’re supersaturating ...

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Almond Milk

I crave this on hot days just because it’s insanely delicious and it makes me feel purely hydrated when I imbibe it. Kinda nutty, kinda c...

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Rice Milk

If you’ve been buying that stuff in the carton, you’ve been paying like a sucker. A cup of rice and some tap water are all that’s needed ...

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