Sample recipes from Campfire Cookery

Pickled Ramps

The first time we encountered wild ramps was on a woodland trek with a party of friends. We had paused for a spell beneath a shady maple ...

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Sweet Cucumber-Pepper Piccalilli

Should some great explorer ever stumble upon the fountain of youth made famous in the history of Herodotus, we suspect it will be tinged ...

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Potted Spiced Pork

This is a favorite of all our fireside companions, most especially when the weather turns blustery. Be sure to serve with strong mustard,...

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Crisp Fired Crackers

It is an established notion that the raison d'etre of a cracker is to provide a delicate conveyance for a dip, spread, or other savory mo...

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Off-to-the Races Irish Porridge with Chestnut Honey

As the quintessential Irish rogue, Oscar Wilde, once said, "only dull people are brilliant at breakfast." For that reason, we like to soak our sultanas (also known as golden raisins) in a nip of whiskey before adding them to our morning porridge. We find it loosens the tongue and unclouds the minds of our companions and ourselves-we all shine so brightly at night that we do tend toward dullness at daybreak. This steadying bowl of oats is just the thing to fortify one for the day to come.

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Alpinist's Fondue

It is lovely to go for an outdoor holiday in the Alps. The mountain air is crisp and clean, and affords an unparalleled view, without all...

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Lemony Skillet-Seared Rainbow Trout

Whilst digging a fire pit, one is sure to turn up a few earthworms.   Although we fling most of them into the forest to continue performi...

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Duck Breast with Port and Dried Plums

Frankly, we haven't the stomach for waterfowl hunting. One can hardly be expected to toss bread to mallards in the park one morning and s...

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Classic S'mores

Prepare a medium-heat fire, with the flames just under the grill grate. Spear a marshmallow on the tip of each skewer and distribute a sk...

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Honeyed Marshmallows

A long time ago, in a land not so very far away, the marshmallow was made from the sap of the marshmallow plant, a natural marvel with an...

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Sylvester Graham's Crackers

This style of biscuity-sweet cracker was invented by the nineteenth-century Presbyterian minister Sylvester Graham. In addition to cracke...

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