Sample recipes from Baked Explorations

Monkey Bubble Bread

I suggest only making this from-scratch bread if you are having a large gathering. Otherwise, you could end up (like me) eating more than...

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Mom’s Olive Oil Orange Bundt

Technically speaking, this light and pleasing orange cake is not Renato’s mom’s. Renato’s mom would be the first to admit this. It belong...

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New York-Style Crumb Cake

I learned the hard way New York-Style Crumb Cake is not to be confused with coffee cake-ever. A very passionate born and bred New Yorker (aka Renato Poliafito) informed me, quite brutally, about the not-so-subtle differences between the two. It was a dressing down I wont ever forget. It was as if Id confused Picasso with Norman Rockwell. First and foremost, New York crumb cake is all about the crumb topping. It is obscenely large in proportion to the cake. In fact, the topping is nearly identical in thickness to--or even thicker than-the cake. Second of all, the crumb should never contain nuts-no crushed nuts, no whole nuts, no hint of a nut whatsoever. Finally, a true New York crumb cake is swirl free. This was the hardest part for me to reconcile, as I love a chocolate nut swirl, and this cake seems like a natural swirl candidate. But I obeyed the New York Crumb Commandments and am now a convert myself.

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Mississippi Mud Pie (A), AKA Coffee Ice Cream Tart

Usually the difference in a popular recipe-say red velvet cake-are a matter of subtle variations (i.e., less flour, more sugar, cream che...

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Mississippi Mud Pie (B), AKA Muddy Mississippi Cake

Though Mississippi Mud Pie was a staple of southern menus during my collegiate youth, there is no real indication that this dessert was c...

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Coffee Ice Cream

The refrain is familiar and consistent. When people find out I own a bakery, they comment, “I could never own a bakery, I would be too te...

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Sweet and Salty Brownie

The genesis behind the formation of our bakery, Baked, was to elevate the Classic American Brownie from ubiquitous mediocrity to bona fid...

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Grasshopper Bars

The Baked Grasshopper Bar was supposed to be a short-lived experiment, a quirky riff or the minty classic 1950s cocktail with which we ar...

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Chocolate Whoopie Pies

Let’s face it, the chocolate whoopie pie is officially a classic American dessert. I am the first person to admit that the term “classic”...

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Black and White Cookies

I spent the first two years of my time in New York looking for the perfect black and white cookie. It was a mission bordering on obsessio...

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Devil’s Food Cake

The origins of the term “devil’s food” to describe chocolate cake are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to identify. However, even ...

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Chocolate Coffee Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache

The chocolate coffee cake is pure ego. It is a basic Baked creation that does not readily fit into any regional or historical category. I...

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Marshmallow Chocolate Cups

It all started with the mallo cup. Specifically the one manufactured by the Boyer Candy Company in Altoona, Pennsylvania. It was my gatew...

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Caramel Popcorn with Peanuts and Chocolate

By and large, I have never been drawn to popcorn. It is a snack that I rarely think about and only eat a bit reluctantly, if someone offe...

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