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Sunnyside Up Eggs in Tomato Sauce with Greek Fried Potato Skins

Start your day on the right foot with this recipe for Sunnyside Up Eggs in Tomato Sauce with Greek Fried Potato Skins. This hearty breakfast recipe is one that will keep you going all morning. It's filled with generous portions of vegetables and includes herbs, cheese, and eggs. You likely won't feel hungry after tucking into this meal! Although this is typically a recipe that is served for breakfast or brunch, you can definitely serve it for dinner, too.

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Spanakopita Soufflé

The wealth of savory pies that make for one of the Mediterranean’s greatest treats is largely off limits to low-carbers. Soufflés, howeve...

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Italian-Style Dry Roasted Cauliflower

Cauliflower is one of the salvation vegetables of low-carb eating. Yet like most people, I grew up believing that cauliflower is a vegeta...

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Andalusian Tomato Salad

Salads don’t get much simpler than this. It’s best to use locally grown organic vegetables for this. What’s at work in this recipe is a m...

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Spinach Salad with Hard-Boiled Egg, Cumin, and Garlic

Raw spinach salads are one my personal favorites. I always recommend organic spinach because spinach happens to be one of the vegetables ...

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Raw Artichoke Salad with Mint and Feta Vinaigrette

Artichokes are one of my all-time favorite vegetables. In the Mediterranean they come into season in the early spring, between mid- to la...

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Spinach and Squid Salad

Here’s a recipe that was inspired a lovely salad created by a friend and chef, Yiannis Baxevannis, at his Athens restaurant, Hytra. It is...

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Tomatoes Stuffed with Puréed Cauliflower and Feta

It took me a while to get used to the idea of making a stuffed tomato dish that did not include rice, since in Greece, stuffed tomatoes t...

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Portobello “Pizza” Margherita

Portobellos are a fairly recent addition to the gamut of commercially available mushrooms throughout the Mediterranean. This dish came ab...

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Harira—Moroccan lamb, lentil, and chickpea soup with aromatic spices—is one of my all-time favorite Mediterranean dishes. Even though the...

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Italian Mixed Seafood Soup

This recipe, like many stovetop seafood recipes in Italian cuisine, falls somewhere between soup and stew. Seafood dishes in Italy vary r...

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Sautéed Monkfish with Pine Nuts, Saffron, and Tomatoes

Monkfish is arguably one of the most unattractive fish in the sea, all head and tail with seemingly nothing in between. Yet for all its u...

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Spice Route Chicken

The triad of spices found in this dish-cumin, coriander, and cinnamon-appear in aromatic sauces all over the Mediterranean, but especiall...

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Roast Chicken Stuffed with Spinach, Wild Rice, Walnuts and Feta

My Greek roots come through in this dish. One of the classics of Greek peasant cooking is the spinach-rice pilaf that is often served wit...

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Pork Medallions Marinated with Olives and Orange

The flavor of the pork improves if it marinates for at least six, but better yet twenty-four, hours. Serving various meats and fish over ...

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