Sample recipes from A New Way to Cook

Mashed Potato Cake

Use this technique of coating a nonstick pan with butter and grated aged cheese whenever you want to achieve a chewy crust on a savory sk...

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Basic Cooked Beans, Peas, and Lentils

As a rule of thumb, dried beans triple in volume when cooked; 8 ounces (1 cup) dried beans will yield 3 cups cooked. This is a basic meth...

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When flavoring beans with extra-virgin olive oil, drizzle some over the beans just before serving so that its flavor hits the palate with...

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Mozzarella Rice

Mozzarella has the virtue of being lower in calories and fat than most cheeses, at only 80 calories per ounce. It is worth seeking out a...

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Citrus and Olive Oil Sauce for Roasted or Grilled Fish

With its fresh vibrant flavor, this simple citrus and olive oil sauce is a favorite all-purpose sauce for fish, learned from chef Roger ...

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Oven-Steamed Red Snapper with Fennel and Curry

In this recipe, just a small amount of curry powder marries with the leeks and fennel to give a delicate perfume to the fish.

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Miso-Sake-Glazed Fish Fillets and Steaks

Many years ago, I tasted a spectacular grilled ling cod that had been marinated in sake kasu, the dregs left from the fermentation of sa...

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Foolproof Roast Turkey

I know of very few people who don’t get anxious at the prospect of roasting a turkey. Because the breast cooks more quickly than the dark...

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Basic Pizza Dough

This dough is very easy to make and works well for either thin- or thick-crust pizza and focaccia. Letting the dough rise slowly, either...

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Say goodbye to purchasing pre-made focaccia bread at the bakery, and say hello to making your own focaccia bread from scratch! This easy focaccia recipe requires some preparation and plenty of waiting but the results will be worth it. This versatile bread can be served as the base for a pizza or sandwich, or sliced as an elegant appetizer to share with family and friends. The focaccia uses the author's recipe for pizza dough as the foundation for this delicious take on the classic Italian dish.

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Coriander-and-Orange Scented Scones

These fragrant scones employ the technique of using buttermilk to achieve a tender crumb while using a good deal less butter than usual....

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Corn Blini

These light, crispy cornmeal cakes are my all-time favorite pancake. They have an affinity with both savory and sweet accompaniments. Fo...

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Sandy’s Curry Powder

Unable to find a great commercial curry powder, talented cook and friend Sandy Gluck divined her way thorough an array of spices to make ...

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