A Baker's Tour: Nick Malgieri's Favorite Baking Recipes from Around the World

Sample recipes from A Baker's Tour: Nick Malgieri's Favorite Baking Recipes from Around the World

Belgium Raisin Breakfast Bread

This is a popular bread to serve with butter for breakfast in Belgium, but it is also perfect to serve with tea or coffee in the afternoo...

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Twisted Cookies from the Val d’ Aosta

This light and delicate yeast-risen cookie is a cross between a buttery bread stick and a caramelized puff pastry palmier. Torcettini wer...

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You may have tried your hand at baking cake recipes from scratch, but what about attempting the Pavlova? This crisp cake is topped with fresh fruit and will be the perfect showstopper for your next dinner party. This delicate meringue cake honors the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova (1882-1931). Pavlova performed in Perth for only one season, in 1929, to stellar reviews. A few years later the pastry chef at the hotel where she had stayed, the Esplanade, created this meringue and cream cake and named it after her, both because it is light and because it resembles a tutu. Today a Pav, as it is generally referred to in Australia, is that countrys national dessert par excellence.

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Chocolate Rigo Squares

I know this originally Hungarian cake only in its Viennese form. In Vienna, it is made from two thin layers of chocolate cake with a whip...

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Blackberry and Apple Pie

Though most of us think of fruit pies as having both a bottom and a top crust, this recipe is for an old-fashioned British pie, usually b...

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Pear Slices

Fruit slices such as these made with pears are a standard in many pastry shops in France. Sometimes they are made with puff pastry, but t...

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Spinach, Ham, and Cheese Pie from Milan

In 1988, when I was in Italy doing research for my book Great Italian Desserts, my friend Miriam Brickman joined me for some of the trave...

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Barbecued Pork Buns

I’m always happy when these appear on a dim sum cart in a teahouse, and I knew I wanted to include them here, though my skill in Chinese ...

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Viennese Fritters Made from Cream-Puff Dough

Krapfen is a general term encompassing all individual round pastries, whether fried or baked. A Spritz is a squirt; the term refers to th...

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