Norman Van Aken's Florida Kitchen

This cookbook is also available for purchase through University Press of Florida.

Sample recipes from Norman Van Aken's Florida Kitchen

Turrón Studded Chilled Chocolate Brownies

If you want to share something special with family and friends, then this recipe for Turron Studded Chilled Chocolate Brownies is for you. It's the addition of turron that takes these brownies to the next level! For a truly special occasion, consider serving this easy brownie recipe with a scoop of your favorite ice cream on top, or with sliced fresh fruit on the side. If you need help finding turron, then consider contacting a gourmet grocery shop in your area. You'll love serving this brownie recipe for dessert after a flavorful meal.

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Piccalilli Tartar Sauce

If you've only ever had pre-made tartar sauce, then give this recipe for Piccalilli Tartar Sauce a try! The tartar sauce recipe is full of flavor and includes an assortment of ingredients that you might already have on hand at home, with eggs and apple cider vinegar among those on the list. You will find that this creamy and rich tartar sauce recipe is the perfect accompaniment to many of your favorite meals with fish. You can top a grilled fish fillet with this sauce, or use it as part of the author's recipe for Spiny Lobster Hash Cakes with Piccalilli Tartar Sauce.

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Piccalilli Relish

With this recipe for Piccalilli Relish, store-bought relish will be a thing of the past! This easy relish recipe includes an assortment of fresh and finely chopped vegetables with an assortment of seasonings, resulting in a flavorful relish you'll want to use again and again. You can use this easy relish recipe as an accompaniment to your favorite sandwiches and slathered on burgers and hot dogs. It also plays a starring role in this author's recipe for Piccalilli Tartar Sauce. You'll impress family and friends when you add this delightful relish to your condiment selection at your next cookout or potluck.

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Spiny Lobster Hash Cakes with Piccalilli Tartar Sauce

Steamed lobster might get all the press, but these Spiny Lobster Hash Cakes with Piccalilli Tartar Sauce are worth a try! This seafood recipe includes plenty of lobster with generous portions of potatoes, herbs, and seasoning. The result is a seafood recipe you'll want to keep in your repertoire the next time you're planning a meal for a special occasion. Whether you have a birthday party, a milestone event, or other event on your calendar, this recipe is sure to be a hit with the crowd. In addition, these lobster hash cakes also use the author's recipe for Piccalilli Tartar Sauce.

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Pompano & Fideo Noodle Stew with Rosa’s Two Way Tomato Sauce

The next time you're in need of some comfort food, keep this recipe for Pompano and Fideo Noodle Stew with Rosas Two Way Tomato Sauce in mind! This easy fish recipe is filling and hearty, and will be the perfect dinner idea for a chilly fall evening. The herbs and flavors in this easy fish recipe will make this dish a hit with your family and friends, so consider making this stew when it's your turn to host everyone for dinner. When you are preparing to make this dish, consider making the author's recipe for Rosas Two Way Tomato Sauce in advance to save some time.

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Rosa’s "Two Way" Tomato Sauce

When was the last time you made an easy tomato sauce recipe? If it's been a while, then you will want to see this recipe for Rosa's "Two Way" Tomato Sauce. Bacon, garlic, and fresh basil leaves all impart a delicious and savory taste that you are sure to love. You can use this recipe with your favorite pasta dish, as it full of hearty flavor that everyone at the dinner table is sure to love. It is also used in the author's recipe for Pompano and Fideo Noodle Stew, so consider making a batch of the sauce in advance of when you plan to make that dish.

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