Meat on the Side

In a recent survey, over 22 million Americans identified their eating habits as "vegetarian-inclined." They haven't given up meat, but understand that we need to rethink the way we plan meals. These millions of people are always on the hunt for new, creative ways to work more of them into their diets. Food Network star Nikki Dinki is here to fill this need. She's not a vegetarian; she's not a vegan; Nikki is simply a great chef and healthy eater who plans her meals with the meat on the side!
Inside are no fewer than 100 recipes to put meat in the passenger seat. You won't miss the beef in these Eggplant Meatballs; you'll marvel that pasta can be made from a parsnip using just a peeler; and you'll never want traditional nachos again after trying Nikki's Cabbage Nachos.
Meat on the Side is for home cooks looking to make the shift to healthier, vegetable-focused meals; couples where one person is vegetarian and the other is not; vegetarians looking for new ways to eat vegetables; and for the family that wants unique recipes that are guaranteed to get their children to eat healthier.

Sample recipes from Meat on the Side

BBQ Broccoli and Chicken over Three-Onion Rice

During summer weekends my husband becomes master of the grill, cooking up dinner as he takes on the mosquitoes and spiders that I desperately try to avoid. (Me? Im taking a well-deserved break inside, enjoying a good book and chilled wine.) One night, he was on a mission to make the most perfect ribs. After concocting his signature rub and smoking his ribs to tender perfection, he felt that it was just wrong to finish with a store-bought barbecue sauce. So (with much coercion!), I got my butt off the couch and whipped up a BBQ sauce that is so good it could never come from a bottle. And turns out, its just as tasty on broccoli as it is on ribs, and thus this recipe was born.

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Buffalo Cauliflower

I recently lost my friend Kelly Jo to warmer weather and the countryside. Before she went off to live her dream life in the mountains, we shared one last meal. We reminisced about late nights bartending together and early breakfasts watching the sun come up. We laughed, cried, and ate Buffalo Cauliflower. Theres nothing like snacking on a big plate of wings while talking a mile a minute and in the end feeling good about what you ate. And with a topping of blue cheese and shaved celery these guys are downright addictive. If only the wings and that day could last forever.

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Caprese Egg Boat

Good bread is always nice just for nibbling, but it can also be transformed into a super-simple and yet applause-worthy breakfast. And if you have a forgotten loaf, then no problem, this recipe can bring it back to its glory days. So take that baguette, sourdough, or Pullman loaf, cut it open, stuff it with eggs, some cheese, tomatoes, and basil and watch as the baking eggs soak into the bread and become something much more than just eggs and bread.

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Collard Greens Pot Pies

You already have a favorite pot pie recipe? OK, but mine is better. Yours was passed down for generations? Oh, thats sweet . . . but mine is still better. Why? Because mine is stuffed with collard greens, of course! This slightly bitter, hearty green breaks up the richness of the traditional dish but leaves the classic pot pie flavor as the star. And best of all, youll leave your meal feeling great when you think about the massive amount of greens you just ate. The bottom line is, I win for best pot pie and, if you make this your new favorite pot pie recipe, then youll be a winner too.

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Leek and Apple Tarte Tatin

Ive always challenged myself to make my dreams come true. I dreamt of an amazing husband and got exactly that (I know, Im totally corny), I dreamt of sharing my food with millions of people, and this Leek Apple Tarte Tatin is what my food dreams are made of. A tarte Tatin is a pie baked upside down, named after the Tatin sisters whose apple version became famous. In mine puff pastry is laid over leeks and apples. Flip it after baking the result is a caramelized filling that has baked right into a soft yet chewy crust. Drizzled with honey and scattered with goat cheese, this tarte Tatin proves that dreams do come true.

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Pumpkin Poppers

My brother-in-law Josh is a Meat in the Middle kind of guy. So when I visit I try to make things he will love, but that stay true to my Meat on the Side point of view. These Pumpkin Poppers totally fit the bill, with chorizo for big flavor and pumpkin and spices that linger delightfully in your mouth.

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Kale Egg Cups

Ive always liked cute things kittens, tiny travel-size toiletries, my nieces in dance recitals, and, of course, I married one heck of a cute guy. And my food cannot be left off this list. I love cute food, which usually means tiny food, or individual-size eats. Considering these Kale Egg Cups literally make people stop and say how cute, they denitely make the list. And it gets even better not only are they cute, but they also are avorful, healthy, and easy to whip up. You are in store for one tasty breakfast that is special enough for company and easy enough for weekday meals. And did I mention how CUTE they are?! OK, Ill stop now.

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