Sample recipes from Great Natural Breads Made Easy

Honey Whole Wheat Bread

As whole grain breads go, this one is among the simplest, with but a single grain-whole wheat. It is, however, a hearty bread with a chew...

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75-Minute Health Bread

This recipe is loosely based on one developed by a Danish scientist during World War II. It is very rich in protein and low in fat, and c...

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Wheat-Berry Bread

This is another hearty, wholesome bread with a delicious, nut-like flavor. You can buy wheat berries in any health food store or in any ...

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Sprouted Wheat Bread

Sprouts give this delicious vitamin-rich bread a most unusual flavor and fascinating texture (it looks as if it needs a shave). Although ...

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Soy Bread

Milled from soybeans, soy flour is one of our richest vegetable sources of protein. Even a small amount of soy flour adds greatly to the ...

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Norwegian Rye Bread

Rye flour is somewhat hard to work because it makes a very sticky dough, but rye bread fanciers will find the extra effort worthwhile. Th...

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Ten-Grain Bread

If you love whole grain bread, this hearty loaf with its crunchy crust is sure to become one of your favorites. When preparing this recip...

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Multi-Seed Bread

This great-looking bread, with a variety of seeds scattered over its crunchy top, is a good choice for showcasing your skill as an artisa...

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Scottish Soda Bread

A tender, crumbly, biscuit-like bread that can be started an hour before mealtime. To serve, break off chunks from the loaf, but if there...

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Pumpkin Bread

This is one of the best of all fruit breads-really a cake in breads clothing. Served with a dollop of whipped cream, it makes an appropr...

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Pita originated in Mesopotamia and is still the common bread of the Middle East. The small round or oval breads puff up when baked, then ...

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Lavash is a crisp Armenian flatbread that is good with any food and lends itself especially well to dips and soft cheese. Break off piece...

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The Bible never gets around to saying what kind of bread the ancient Hebrews had to bake in such a hurry when they fled from Egypt, but i...

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Pideh is an Armenian semi-flatbread. Unlike lavash, it is soft, not cracker-like, and milk and butter make it richer than most flatbreads...

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