Cupcake Envy: Irresistible Cakelets - Little Cakes that are Fun and Easy

Break out of the traditional cupcake mold and make incredibly fun and creative mini cakes with Cupcake Envy!

These clever single-serving cakelets assume beloved forms that will appeal to all the special people in your life. Bake exquisite treats that resemble a stylish party dress, a desktop humidor, a cheery coffee cup, an adorable baby bottle, a wicked voodoo doll, a stylish purse—and more than two dozen other amazing likenesses that will be the talk of the town! It's easy to prepare the cakes just by using common pans that are already in your kitchen.

Author Amy Eilert is a self-taught cake designer whose love of baking and working with her hands found a perfect outlet in cake making. She founded Cupcake Envy in Wake Forest, North Carolina in 2006. Her cakes have made a big splash both locally and nationally with appearances on and the Ugly Betty show.

Eilert's instructions are easy to follow, and you can really apply your own creativity to each of the designs. If you don't like flowers, make polka-dots instead. Do you prefer purple instead of red? Go for it! You're in control. Even if you don't have an aptitude for baking, you will enjoy decorating these mini cakes. Every cake can be made with a simple box of cake mix and store-bought toppings, giving you more time to devote to the fun and creative parts of the process—shaping and decorating the cakes.

For anyone looking for ways to make special occasions even more memorable, Cupcake Envy is the delicious and crafty cookbook for you!

Sample recipes from Cupcake Envy: Irresistible Cakelets - Little Cakes that are Fun and Easy

The Necessities

It's one thing to slather frosting on a cupcake or cakelet and call it a day. But if you want to step up your decorating game, then you'll need a few essential tools at your disposal. This list of items will make all the difference when assembling and decorating your baked treats. From cornstarch to an X-Acto knife and everything in between, these kitchen tools will help you create baked goods that will become the stuff of legend. These tools can be used in a number of cake decorating projects, including this one for Playing Dress-Up, pictured on the left.

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British Punk

Are you planning to make a birthday cake for someone whose personal style doesn't exactly include flowers and hearts? Then you'll want to make cakelets with some edge with this recipe for British Punk. The design, which is evocative of the in-your-face punk scene of more than 30 years ago, will be a sweet way to celebrate the birthday of anyone who loves to rock out (or at least wish they still could). These unique cakelets will also be a great way to expand your cake decorating skills and learn a few new cake decorating skills along the way.

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Are you ready to take your cake decorating skills to the next level? Then you need the recipe and instructions for the design How Does Your Garden Grow? You'll use several types of skills and techniques to create this colorful and delicious floral arrangement that everyone will love. The next time you want to make something special for Mother's Day, a birthday, or even just because it's Friday, keep this design in mind! This recipe is ideal for those at the intermediate level and calls for royal icing, which is a basic white icing made with ingredients that can include egg whites and powdered sugar.

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Playing Dress-Up

Whether you need a cake for a birthday party, mother's day, or a bridal shower, this design for Playing Dress-Up will be the talk of the event! Whimsical and colorful as can be, this cake design is ideal for those at the intermediate level of cake decorating. Just keep in mind that some of the decorating steps need to be completed a few days in advance of assembling the cake. This cake decoration uses Royal Icing, which is a simple recipe that includes egg whites and powdered sugar among the ingredients. In addition, some of the resources, templates, and additional information can be found in the cookbook's page on The Necessities.

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