A la Mode

Are you ready to take your baking over the top? Here are sixty decadent and delightful ice creams and the sixty desserts that are their vehicles. A la Mode offers not just solid dessert recipes, from raspberry oat bars to bear claws, from chocolate pecan pie to a white chocolate pavlova, but also gives you the unforgettable pairings that make these desserts smash hits: apple cranberry pie with Camembert ice cream, chocolate sheet cake with salt caramel frozen custard, and espresso cream jelly roll with mascarpone ice cream.

Let's face it: vanilla can sometimes be so... vanilla. A great a-la-mode pairing should be as decadent as finding the perfect wine to go with your cheese plate. With A la Mode, IACP winners and cookbook dynamos Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough show you how to create innovative delights such as creamy hazelnut gelato atop coffee-poached pears, or maple frozen custard with a mouthwatering cinnamon roll cake, alongside simpler classics like confetti ice cream with layered vanilla birthday cake. You haven't lived until you've had peanut brittle pie with popcorn ice cream, a Cracker Jack fantasy!

Because what's a warm pie without ice cream? With A la Mode, you'll have to answer that question!

Sample recipes from A la Mode

Blackberry Pandowdy with Buttermilk Frozen Custard

Back in the dayand were talking even before we came along, not just in our disco 70sblackberries and buttermilk were a summer-in-the-American-South treat (or at least it was so in one of our families). The blackberries would be mixed with sugar and set aside to macerate, then cool buttermilk would be poured on top. Heres a pairing to celebrate that old-school treat.A pandowdy is made by putting a crust over fruit, then cracking the crust partway through baking so that the filling bubbles over its edge. Dont get all OCD when you break up the crust. It should be in chunks, nothing regular but nothing too small. If you dont have a 12-inch oval pan, use an 11 x 7-inch rectangular baking pan but reduce the cooking time by 5 or 10 minutes.

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Bourbon Peach Pie with Vanilla Bean Gelato

How do we make a peach pie more Southern? We add bourbon! And make it good bourbon. Dont use the $75 stuff but instead a decent bottle of aged-in-wood, molasses-scented spirit. Peach pie deserves it. And so does this vanilla gelato. Its ridiculously luxurious, thanks to its nine egg yolks. Listen, we need a pie topper that can stand up to the bourbon.

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Holiday Pudding with Frozen Hard Sauce

We end with the end of the year our version of a winter classic, served with a frozen version of its traditional boozy, buttery sauce. The resulting heavily spiced pudding (or cake, as it might be called on this side of the Atlantic pond) is quite crumbly it wont cut into clean wedges and will in fact barely hold its shape on the plate with all that dried fruit in tow

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Salty Key Lime Tart with Triple Coconut Frozen Custard

Here's a new and refreshing take on the traditional key lime dessert! In this recipe for Salty Key Lime Tart with Triple Coconut Frozen Custard, you'll combine a medley of flavors that will result in a dessert that is creamy and unique. This tart recipe takes some prep work, but the results will be worth it. You'll discover this pie is definitely a show-stopper that will win over even the most died-in-the-wool dessert traditionalists in your group of friends!

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