Sample recipes from 200 Best Ice Pop Recipes

Sweet Cherry and Currant Ice Pops

Sweet cherries share the same season as white and red currants, and the tartness of currants adds considerable depth to the sweet cherry ...

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Raspberry Meringue Ice Pops

This summer, step up your dessert game in a big way when you make these Raspberry Meringue Ice Pops! Refreshing and tangy, this frozen treat is a neat and elegant twist on the ice pops you remember from your childhood.

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Pomegranate Berry Ice Pops

Add some zing to your list of summertime treats when you make these Pomegranate Berry Ice Pops! The recipe is easy to make and results in an ice pop the entire family will love. This refreshing fruit dessert is just what you'll want to snack on when the temperature rises, and you'll love having these tasty frozen treats on hand. Pomegranate juice makes a wonderful base for strong-flavored berries such as wild blueberries or raspberries. The result is an intensely fruity, pleasantly tart and undoubtedly healthy ice pop. You can use frozen berries year-round for convenience.

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Coconut Ice Pops

Coconut milk - the juice extracted from grated mature coconut flesh mixed with water - has a natural affinity with palm sugar, which is m...

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Fudge Ice Pops

These ice pops are rich and chocolate-fudgy, definitely a step up from the commercial treat, but they still retain the youthful spirit of...

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Avocado Ice Pops

When you think of ice pops, you likely think of those with flavors that include raspberry, lemon, or lime. But what about avocado? This recipe for Avocado Ice Pops will be a delightful and unique addition to your usual summertime treats. The recipe is easy to make, resulting in a smooth and creamy ice pop that you will love to eat as an afternoon snack on a hot day. It's also a fun and creative way to use up any surplus of avocados you might have! This type of ice pop is one you'll want to make again and again this summer.

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Traditional Kulfi Ice Pops

This is the traditional way to make kulfi, India’s version of ice cream pops: from concentrated milk that has been cooked down to about a...

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Strawberry Lassi Ice Pops

If summer is synonymous with feasting on strawberries for you, then you will love this recipe for Strawberry Lassi Ice Pops. Light, fruity, and refreshing, this frozen dessert will be a sweet and sophisticated treat indeed on a hot day. Your family and friends will love this twist on the traditional ice pop, which can be made with yogurt for a smooth and creamy taste. This frozen treat can be served at a casual outdoor party with friends or eaten inside while catching up on your favorite show. You'll especially love that this ice pop recipe is easy to make, and that it only has five ingredients.

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Margarita Ice Pops

If you've ever sipped a margarita and wished it could have been a lot colder, then this recipe for Margarita Ice Pops is for you! The tart frozen treat for adults is a fun and refreshing twist on the traditional ice pop and will be the perfect item to serve at a game night or backyard barbecue with friends this summer. These ice pops are easy to make, too, and can be mixed and then placed in the freezer the night before the event. You'll love serving something that is both unique and refreshing at your next party.

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