A collection of turkey recipes, including Thanksgiving turkey recipes, fried turkey, grilled turkey, turkey stuffing, turkey rolls and more.
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Grilled Turkey Salisbury Steaks with Tomatoes and…

Classic salisbury steak is a patty made of ground beef and seasonings that… More

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Grilled Turkey Kebabs a la King                                                                       

This was originally a rich chicken dish made with lots of cream and… More

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Slow-Roasted Herbed Turkey Breast                                                                           

As much as I enjoy roasting a whole turkey, there are occasions when I… More

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Turkey Moussaka                                       

I LOVE CLASSIC GREEK MOUSSAKA baked layers of eggplant, tomatoes, minced… More

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Turkey a la King                                         

This dish is a time-honored way of using turkey leftovers after a holiday… More

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Feta-Spiked Turkey Burgers                                                             

My mom came up with this dish when my sister and I were kids. We wouldnt… More

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Roast Turkey with Spiked Gravy                                                                     

Everyone needs a solid recipe for the holiday turkey, and this one fits… More

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Turkey Cutlets with Artichokes                                                                     

A delicious take on the classic veal dish, this features coated cutlets… More

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Barbecue Turkey Meatloaf                                                         

If you're looking for a new twist on an old favorite, then this recipe for… More

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Turkey Kebabs                                   

A great dish to barbecue. More

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Turkey Panini with Cranberry Chutney and…                                                                                                         

I love, love, love this panini. Cranberries and turkey remind me of… More

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Lettuce Cups with Turkey                                                         

If you prepare the turkey mixture ahead, you can create this appetizer in… More

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Turkey Meatloaf                                       

This recipe is a healthful twist on the classic meatloaf recipe! Using… More

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12+ Easy Turkey Recipes: Cooking a Turkey for Any…

You might not realize this, but once you learn how to cook a turkey you… More

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