Omelets and Frittatas

Omelets and Frittata Recipes
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Zucchini Frittata                                           

Zucchini Frittata is a modified version of my friend Paolas frittata. It… More

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Herb and Goat Cheese Frittata                                                                   

Thinner than a Spanish tortilla, this popular Italian dish is ideal for… More

( Votes) 20 Min

Foster's Omelets                                         

An omelet can be as delicious plain as filled with an almost endless array… More

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Souffle Omelet                                     

Beaten egg whites give this omelet a light and fluffy texture. Good with… More

( Votes) 5 Min

Broccoli, Quinoa and Feta Omelet                                                                         

Breakfast, lunch, dinner - this recipe is the all-in-one answer for… More

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Oyster Mushroom and Spring Onion Frittata                                                                                           

This is a very simple, easily customized dish. The recipe is special to me… More

( Votes) 8 Min
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