Indian Recipes

Browse our collection of authentic Indian recipes, including chicken vindaloo and duck curry, as well as many vegetarian dishes and desserts. Whether you are seeking a challenge or looking for a quick and easy Indian recipe, you will find it here!

Chicken Tikka Masala                                                 

This creamy Indian dish gets extra flavor from its marinade. Good with… More

( Votes) 25 Min

My Dhal                       

Moong dhal, also sometimes written as "mung dal," is a popular Indian dish… More

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Chicken Biryani                                       

Here is an easy dish to prepare that exudes an Indian aroma and flavor.… More

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Paneer and Peas                                       

This Indian restaurant favorite is easy to make at home. If you can't find… More

( Votes) 15 Min

Indian Beef Curry                                           

This Indian Beef Curry recipe is chock-full of savory beef and sauteed… More

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Punjabi-Style Cabbage                                                   

This Punjabi-Style Cabbage is an easy cabbage recipe that infuses your… More

( Votes) 4 Min

Chicken Curry                                   

You will find this curry at practically all the dhabas (roadside eateries)… More

( Votes)

Vegetable Curry                                       

Your freezer might be stocked with make-ahead meals like lasagna and… More

( Votes) 45 Min

Tandoori Paneer Kebabs                                                     

You will find paneer (a firm Indian cheese) and tandoori paste at Indian… More

( Votes) 10 Min

Oven-Roasted Chicken Tikka                                                             

Chicken tikka is a Southeast Asian dish that's commonly seen on the menu… More

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We Indians do not always use ghee in our cooking, because we, too, are… More

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Chicken Tikka                                   

If you're looking for an easy chicken dish to wow the crowd, then take a… More

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Homestyle Dal with Pumpkin                                                             

My grandmother was an excellent cook, and this particular recipe was one… More

( Votes) 45 Min

Kulfi Indian Ice Cream                                                     

Kulfi is a type of dense ice cream that's commonly enjoyed in India. With… More

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In western cooking, ghee is called beurre noisette. Some people mistake… More

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