Quinoa with Almonds and Apricots                                                                         

Protein-rich quinoa is an ancient grain that is gaining popularity,… More

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Batter-Fried Fish                                           

The crisp, light batter satisfies the craving for fish and chips. Treat… More

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Quinoa Salt-and-Pepper Crackers with Almond Cheese

The almond cheese is easy to make and tastes like a real indulgence. I… More

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Pesto Pasta                               

I love making pesto. The second I press the button on the food processor… More

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Pork-Pistachio Pate                                               

This is very French in flavor but designed for the busy American. There is… More

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Coconut Dream Cake                                             

The title is accurate all you coconut lovers will find this dreamy and… More

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Chinese Roast Duck                                             

mqwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwerty qwer More

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New Century Stollen Bread                                                           

This traditional bread originated in Germany more than five hundred years… More

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Banana Pancakes                                       

My dad used to make my sisters and me Mickey Mouse pancakes on Saturday… More

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These are so good that my husband ate the entire batch covered in maple… More

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Yum Yum Nut Sweets                                             

Im surprised and delighted by the number of sweets and desserts that I… More

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Hazelnut Buckwheat Shortbread Dipped in Dark…

These shortbread cookies will knock Santas socks off! My husband thinks… More

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Berry Tea Biscuits                                             

Berry tea biscuits have ingredients very similar to the ones in scones.… More

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Cranberry Orange Muffins                                                         

Each muffin is dotted with bright red cranberries and flavored with a hint… More

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Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins                                                         

Lemon and poppy seeds are a classic combination for a reason! When… More

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