Christmas Recipes

For many of us, Christmas means delicious food. Browse our selection of yummy Christmas recipes and savor the tastes of the season.

Christmas Vegetables                                                 

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Apple Fruit Cake                                         

In Britain, this dense fruit cake is a popular choice for celebrations.… More

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Chestnut Doughnut Holes                                                       

These are a delightful alternative to the gluten- and dairy-laden doughnut… More

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Cookie-Cutter Vanilla Cookies                                                                   

Every holiday can be made even more fanciful with the addition of these… More

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Almond Spritz Cookies                                                   

These delicate, buttery, piped cookies are usually made at Christmas time. More

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Mince Pies                             

Mince pies are a must for many bakers at the holidays. These individual… More

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Roast Goose                               

Goose meat is rich in flavor, making it a perfect choice for a festive… More

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Eggnog French Toast                                               

There couldnt be a more perfect or simple way to begin Christmas morning… More

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Mini Christmas Panettone                                                         

These perfect personal-size panettone make an ideal Christmas morning… More

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Spicy Chocolate Chestnut Cake                                                                   

Chili peppers and chocolate have become a well-loved combination,… More

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Christmas Fig and Spice Cake with Creamy Citrus…

This cake is dark, moist, and rich, with morsels of figs and background… More

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Gingerbread Cookies                                               

Without the egg white glaze and nuts, you can use this dough to roll out… More

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This rich, fruity, yeast bread, originally from Germany, is a great… More

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Chocolate Chestnut Bûche De Noël                                                                             

There are many flavor and presentation variations for this traditional… More

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Yuletide Punch                                     

Heres to us all, God bless us everyone!--Tiny Tim's Toast from A Christmas… More

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