Robb Walsh

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Robb explains that regardless how much cowboys liked to eat beef, they rarely slaughtered a steer for a meal. Instead, they might decide a goat was the right size for a few hungry cowpokes.

Robb Walsh is the author of The Tex-Mex Cookbook; Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook: Recipes and Recollections from the Pit Bosses; The Texas Cowboy Cookbook: A History in Recipes and Photos; and Sex, Death and Oysters: A Half-Shell Lover's World Tour. He also reviews restaurants for the Houston Press.


Reviewers have praised Robb’s ability to sort out what is fact and what is myth about Texas barbecue (it’s not all beef, for instance) and to explain how to cook it outside of Texas. In his books, he looks at why the cowboy mystique prevails, and whether he is exploring the history of the cowboy or looking at how to cook like one in today’s home kitchen, he rings with authenticity.


Robb lives in Houston, Texas.


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