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Naomi's passionate about rice and flatbreads; even in her upcoming book about Burma, where rice rules, there's a recipe for tender naan-style streetside flatbreads made from wheat flour, as well as several rice flour crepes.

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Naomi Duguid, traveler, writer, photographer, is often described as a culinary anthropologist. Her next book, Burma, will be published in September of 2012.


She is the co-author of six award-winning books of food and travel. In stories, recipes, and photographs, the books explore daily home-cooked foods in their cultural context.          


They include Hot Sour Salty Sweet: A Culinary Journey Through South-East Asia; Seductions of Rice; Flatbreads and Flavors; Mangoes and Curry Leaves, and Beyond the Great Wall: Recipes and Stories from the Other China.


Naomi is a contributing editor for Saveur magazine and her work has appeared in many food magazines, including Food & Wine, Food Arts, Gourmet, and others. She was the subject of an award-winning one-hour documentary film by Jacques Menard, The Recipe Diaries and was part of the PBS series Baking with Julia. She contributed to the book of the same name.


She writes a weekly blog, and conducts intensive cultural-immersion-through-food sessions in northern Thailand each winter.


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