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When fresh out of college, Myra and Drew, two New York City kids, landed in California on a little two-and-a-half-acre piece of land. In this enchanting setting, they taught themselves to farm with only natural inputs and began their lifelong commitment to organic farming.

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Myra Goodman and her husband Drew founded  Earthbound Farm in California, the country’s leading grower of organic produce.


Twenty-five years later, she and Drew still live and work on their original farm, but today they are joined by more than 100 other organic growers, both small and large, who are dedicated to bringing delicious organic salads, fruits and vegetables to people across the country. Every year, by farming organically, Earthbound Farm’s farmers avoid the use of more than 10 million pounds of synthetic chemicals.


Myra is the author of Food to Live By: The Earthbound Farm Organic Cookbook. Her second book is The Earthbound Cook: 250 Recipes for Delicious Food and a Healthy Planet. She is a creative and prolific cook who clearly is regularly inspired by the bounty of the farm.


In 1986, as a way to share the gourmet heirloom lettuces and greens they were growing, the Goodmans invented Earthbound Farm Salad Bags — at the time, a brand new idea. Earthbound Farm was the very first company to successfully launch packaged salads in retail grocery stores and is credited with popularizing spring mix salad — now the largest packaged salad category.


Along the way, Myra has maintained a focus on sharing the enjoyment of eating delicious organic foods. 


In 2003, Myra opened the United States’ third certified organic kitchen at the Farm Stand, where many of her recipes are featured. She spearheaded the development of the Earthbound Farm website’s recipe section, which is the most popular part of the site. She has also been a featured contributor to Bon Appetít magazine.


She and Drew live in California’s verdant Carmel Valley. Their website is


Farm Stand

7250 Carmel Valley Road (just 3.5 miles east of Highway 1), Carmel, California

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