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"Joe Piscatella knows more about healthy living than anyone I know.” So said William C. Roberts, M.D., editor in chief of the American Journal of Cardiology.  

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Joe Piscatella is an expert on health and wellness, a speaker, consultant, and author. He is the founder and president of the Institute for Fitness & Health.


Joe’s books include best sellers Prevent, Halt, and Reverse Heart Disease, Don’t Eat Your Heart Out, Positive Mind, Healthy Heart, Take a Load Off Your Heart, and The Road to a Healthy Heart Runs Through the Kitchen. In all, he has published 10 books.


His newest book is The Healthy Heart Cookbook with more than 600 recipes based on the Mediterranean diet.


More than two million people have heard Joe speak, often as a keynote speaker at various events. He relies on the art of storytelling and humor to deliver his message about the importance of living a healthful life.


Joe had cardiac bypass surgery for aggressive coronary disease when he was just 32 years old, after feeling chest pain during a tennis game. Although his prognosis was grim, he was determined to change the way he lived by altering how he ate, exercising right, and reducing stress in his life. Today, he is one of the longest lived bypass patients in the country.


He has hosted three specials on lifestyle and health on PBS and is currently in production for a program on children’s health. He served as the only non-medical member of the National Institutes of Health Expert Panel on Cardiac Rehabilitation. He also is a national spokesperson for the American Heart Association.


He is a frequent guest on The Today Show, CNN, Good Morning America and Fox News


Joe’s website is and


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