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R.W. Apple wrote in The New York Times that Frank "sniffs out prime regional ingredients -- flippingly fresh seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, fruits and vegetables from Alabama farms, stone-ground grits, plump quail from the Carolinas -- and cooks them with French finesse.”

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Frank Stitt did not set out to be a chef, but although he studied philosophy at Berkley during the 1970s, he met Alice Waters and was sold on food. During his subsequent culinary career Frank accrued local, regional and national gastronomic awards and a favorite son of Alabama, his home state.


Frank’s fondness for humble southern ingredients comes from his own rural roots, but also from his attraction to the south of France. After college, his travels took him to  vineyards in Provence as well as Burgundy and when he finally came back home to Alabama, the foods and traditions he had encountered in France became part of his vision.


His first restaurant in Birmingham, Highlands Bar & Grill, opened in 1982, where he combined French technique and the seasonal flavors of "both souths"— the local south and the south of France, Even though Highlands filled a fine dining niche, Frank wanted to experiment with the flavors he encountered in Italy, Greece and Spain. Thus Bottega and Café Bottega, located in an Italianate mansion in Birmingham, were born.


Frank’s awards include the James Beard Foundation Award  for "Best Chef of the Southeast" 2001, and the Wine Spectator "Award of Excellence," ( Highlands and Bottega), 2001. Highlands Bar & Grill was selected fifth best restaurant in the nation by Gourmet magazine 2001.


Frank lives in Birmingham, Alabama. His website is


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Bottega Restaurant and Cafe

2240 Highland Avenue
Birmingham, AL 35205


Highlands Bar and Grill

2011 11th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35205

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