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“What Westerners eat in Indian restaurants is not a true reflection of what we eat at home [in Indian households],” says Anjum. “That food is lighter, fresher and far more well balanced.”

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Anjum Anand is a cookbook author whose books focus on healthful, light, everyday Indian cooking. Although she was raised in Europe, Anjum says the Indian food cooked at home during her childhood is the food with which she identifies most powerfully. Her mission is to present this same food, made lighter, healthier, and more accessible to the home cook.


Her books are Eat Right for Your Body Type; Anjum’s New Indian; Indian Every Day; Indian Food Made Easy; and I Love Curry. She is working on her sixth book.


Anjum has worked in restaurants around the world, such as Café Spice in New York, the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles, and the Park Royal Hotel’s Indian restaurant in New Delhi. Despite her restaurant experience, she is most passionate about convincing her readers that cooking light Indian food at home can be as easy and commonplace as  rustling up a stir-fry.


Anjum practices Ayurveda, an ancient Indian science believed to be the basis of many of the Eastern holistic medicines. According to Ayurveda, she says, what you eat affects how you feel, look, and how healthy you are. It’s a discipline that never complicates life but instead simplifies it.


She grew up in Londonand has also lived and studied in Geneva, Parisand Madrid. She earned a degree in business but soon decided to devote her energies to Indian cookery. For two years, she had six-part series on BBC2 called Indian Food Made Easy and the  series aired in many other countries She is a regular guest on the Food Channel’s Market Kitchen and a regular contributor to The Times Online food pages in theUK.


Anjum lives in London and has family homes in Delhiand Calcutta. Her website is


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