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Crimson Christmas Punch Recipe-4800

Photo by: Joseph De Leo
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This delectable holiday punch speaks for itself—rich in color and easy to make. The trick for elegance lies in the serving.

Yield: 20 punch cups


  • 1 quart cranberry juice cocktail
  • 1 quart red currant juice (see Note)
  • 1 quart 7-Up chilled
  • Ice ring made with lime slices and cherries (see Note)


Combine the fruit juices in a punch bowl. Just before serving, stir in the 7-Up and add the ice ring.


Red currant juice is available in larger supermarkets and specialty food stores.

Ice blocks and rings melt slower than cubes, and they’re especially good for those large-crowd punches.

1. To make a plain ice block, simply use a container large enough to suit your need: plastic storage boxes are useful, or you can use cake pan, an angel-food pan, a loaf pan, or even a mixing bowl for an extra-large block. Use ring or other shaped molds to add interest.

2. To color an ice block or ring—for a St. Patrick’s Day party or Valentine’s Day brunch—just add food coloring to the water before freezing.

3. To make it really festive, decorate the ice block, mold, or individual cubes: fill the container halfway with water and freeze it. Remove the container from the freezer, and arrange your decorations on the ice: unsprayed flowers and greens; fresh herbs and fresh fruit; even mini American flags for the Fourth of July. Then carefully add ½ inch of water and refreeze. When the decoration is set, fill the container the rest of the way, and freeze it thoroughly.

4. To unmold an ice block or ring, dip the container briefly in a bowl of hot water. Slide the ice carefully into your punch bowl. If possible, put the ice in the bowl before you add the punch to avoid overflows. If the punch is already in the bowl, go slowly!

5. When crushing ice, never place whole cubes in your blender unless your instruction booklet says it’s okay. If you aren’t sure, put the cubes in a plastic bag first, then whack them with a mallet or hammer to break them into smaller pieces. Now add them to the blender to complete the crushing.

© 1983 (as Drinks without Liquor), 1999 Jane Brandt

Nutritional Information

Nutrients per serving (% daily value)

67kcal (3%)
9mg (1%)
9mg (16%)
2mcg RAE (0%)
0mg (0%)
7mg (0%)
0g (0%)
0g (0%)
0mg (1%)

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