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Course: main course, snack
Total time: under 15 minutes
Skill level: Easy
Cost: Inexpensive
Yield: 4 Servings
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  • 8 slices white or whole-wheat sourdough bread, buttered
  • 8 ounces Gruyere cheese, sliced into 24–32 1/16-inch-thick slices


TO ASSEMBLE THE SANDWICHES: Set half of the bread slices buttered side down, and cover them with the cheese slices, folding them over if they extend past the edges of the bread. Place the top slice of bread over the cheese, buttered side up.

Grill the sandwiches (see Note) and cut each in half on the diagonal.


When tomatoes are in season, my friend Jason Asch insists that I make his grilled cheese sandwich with the tomato slices layered inside before it’s grilled. Though I make this exception for him and for him only, I prefer the firm texture of the tomato when it’s slipped in after the sandwich is already grilled.

2–4 tomatoes, sliced ¼ inch thick, core end discarded

1–2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil Kosher salt, to taste

Drizzle olive oil over the tomato slices and sprinkle with salt. Allow to sit for about five minutes.

Assemble and grill the sandwiches according to the directions above. Cut each sandwich in half on the diagonal and slide in the tomatoes.

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Nutritional Information

Nutrients per serving

Nutritional information does not include white or whole-wheat sourdough bread. For nutritional information on white or whole-wheat sourdough bread, please follow the link above.

234kcal (12%)
573mg (57%)
0mg (0%)
154mcg RAE (5%)
62mg (21%)
191mg (8%)
11g (54%)
18g (28%)
0mg (1%)