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Cookstr develops and delivers innovative products and technologies for our partners – market leaders in the media, healthcare and food industries – to support enjoyable and healthy consumer lifestyles focused on quality home cooking. Since its inception in 2008, Cookstr has introduced technology innovations that have significantly improved the inspiration and decision-making experience around recipes for consumers. Cookstr's flagship product is our hand-curated database of thousands of cookbook recipes by hundreds of well-known chefs and cookbook authors, which we offer directly to consumers via the Cookstr website,, and license as a "channel" to our partners. But this is just the beginning.

Together with our partners, Cookstr is pursuing a vision of a cross-platform ecosystem that will provide a seamless experience for the home cook. We see a future where a cook can go from home to work, work to store, shopping to cooking, and inspiration to decision, supported at every step by an intuitive blend of interconnected recipes, nutritional information, and social connectivity that includes apps, kitchen tools, appliances, shopping, advertising and more.

Cookstr is focused on data and standards that will define the next generation of services and content around the connected kitchen, offering our partners a wide range of innovative solutions to help them advance their brands and reach high value consumers, including:

  • Recipe licensing and curation solutions for the food media market;
  • Nutrition solutions for the health and wellness market;
  • Mobile- and web-based production, development and distribution solutions for the food publishing market, supported by our in-house team of former NeXT and Apple software engineers; and
  • Strategic advice

In addition, Cookstr has developed technologies that can improve expert content management for use in other markets.

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